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Megan & Mike wedding

Megan and Mike hopped into my Prius on the way from their Salish Lodge Elopement down to take photos near Snoqualmie Falls and the rain started to fall. It was a little ominous. The wedding was supposed to be outside and September in the PNW is supposed to be sunny, right? But, I’ve said this many times, God likes wedding. It poured the entire drive. But, just as we put the car in park, it started to slow down a bit. So, we decided to risk it and go on the hike in the woods. After just a few minutes, umbrellas were put away and we could walk normally. I mean, it wasn’t 90 and sunny, but the water wasn’t falling from the sky. And for these two who moved to Seattle because of the deep lush greens that frame all of our lives here in the Evergreen State, this was the perfect celebration of their love and their day. We made down to the falls overlook, back and then even had their ceremony outdoors on the grass with the falls crashing just feet away and even back into the reception before the skies unloaded their rain (and oh my did they open up). In all, it was a day that couldn’t have been better for these two if the script was written by Hollywood.

Couple kisses beneath trees Salish Lodge wedding

I just had to share this photo. I’m so impressed that Megan made the mile-long hike through the woods in her dress. We did it and it was still perfectly clean. I totally agree that wedding dress are the best hiking outfits.

bride walks through the woods Salish Lodge wedding
couple kisses with snoqualmie falls Salish Lodge wedding
couple kisses with snoqualmie falls Salish Lodge wedding

I love this outdoor elopement ceremony. With the backdrop of these incredible flowers and little lanterns with flowers cascading out of them (in a nod to the lanterns in Harry Potter), I’m just astounded by the work that was done.

Salish Lodge wedding
first kiss Salish Lodge wedding

Thanks again to Megan and Mike for letting me be a part of this fantastic celebration. As always, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Amanda and the whole team at Salish Lodge for their fantastic work. You have no idea the juggling and musical chairs that they handle on elopement days (with 3 events on their properties) and it was all so personal, wonderful and still so attentive to the needs of each guest. Definitely, give a standing ovation to Emily Rose Floral Design for her work on Megan’s bouquet (and that she came from Colorado to make this beauty!). Also, give enormous props to the team at Snoqualmie Flowers for the floral installation on the arch as well as at the reception. They freaking rock! Last (but obviously not least), thanks to Ed at Seattle Wedding DJ for making the night flow so well! I am still in awe of this day and can’t wait to share more soon.

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  1. They are both so beautiful! I can only imagine how proud you must be, for I am, too!
    Send them both all of my love and congratulations! I wish them both all of the happiness the world may shower upon them!
    God Bless!