Crockett Farm Wedding | Whidbey Island Wedding | Kristin & Seth

People ask me all the time, “what is your favorite type of wedding?” Without fail, my answer always is “one that the couple is into everything happening on the wedding day. And for Kristin and Seth’s Crockett Farm wedding, it was so truly a representation of who they are.

The ceremony that Kristin and Seth put together was one that I will not soon forget. They spend their lives surrounded by beautiful music, so it was only natural that they incorporate that into the wedding. Before most ceremonies, all guests sit in their seats and chat about life with everyone around them- not the case with this ceremony! Here, it was beautifully quiet in the lower level of the old farm building as alternating trombone and string quartets played pieces, setting the scene for the ceremony.

The bride and groom were then led in by a friend’s melodic Hardinger Fiddle. There was also another amazing score by the string players and a flautist that brought most of the room to tears. But that isn’t to say the ceremony was all emotion. The perfect timing and love that they set up for this ceremony made sure that the readings sprinkled throughout the ceremony brought the levity to the perfect level before the couple was pronounced married.

Also, I have never seen a groom so excited to eat tiny oysters as Seth. He practically danced up to them. But with good reason. They were delicious.

Following dinner, we were blessed with the most perfect window of light streaming across the sky. It is always one of my favorite parts of the day to dance in a field with couples. There is no stress. There is nothing to do or to worry about. It’s just a time to enjoy the beauty of the day you’ve worked hard to make happen. And then they danced the night away.

first look in the woods Crockett Farm Wedding
wedding parties Crockett Farm Wedding
bride and groom Crockett Farm Wedding
groom enters Crockett Farm Wedding
bride hugs her mom Crockett Farm Wedding
first kiss Crockett Farm Wedding
groom kisses bride Crockett Farm Wedding
bride and groom in the sunset Crockett Farm Wedding
bride and groom smile in the sunset Crockett Farm Wedding
bride and groom walk in the sunset

Thank you to Kristin and Seth for letting me be a part of this celebration. It really was one that I won’t soon forget and am honored to have been a part of. Also, I want to make sure to give huge props to the teams at Crockett Farms, Whidbey Island Weddings and Front Street Catering for thir tireless work to make sure the day went perfectly. Stay tuned for more photos from this day soon!

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