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Washington State and PNW Elopement Packages

How much is a PNW elopement package?

Let’s make this easy. I basically only offer 2 packages, one is an all-day package and the other is a 3-hour coverage. When I say “all-day,” I really mean it. I’ll be there when stuff starts happening and stay until it’s done. For more details, send me a message, and let’s talk about your specific needs. I promise that I can offer you some of the best elopement packages in Washington State (or even outside WA, like along the Oregon Coast).

Elopement pricing vs wedding pricing

I believe wholeheartedly that your wedding is real and you should celebrate it your way. I got to help my sister plan and host her wedding. In that, she opted for a small ceremony. People kept asking her, “are you going to have a ‘real’ wedding later, once this whole thing is over?” Her answer was no, this is my real wedding. And she is right. Whether you’re planning a 200 guest wedding or a 2 guest elopement in your backyard, know that you are having a “real wedding” and that is something worth celebrating!

So, when it comes to pricing, you will see that there is no difference between what I charge for weddings or elopements, it’s simply a question of time that I’m on site. I only offer the small 3-hour coverage for short events or I offer all-day coverage. I’m here to tell your story. Whether you’re having 5 people attend or 500, my offerings for your wedding are the same.

Is there an additional cost for my adventure elopement vs a Seattle elopement?

I do not charge any extra costs or fees for adventure elopements as compared to other small weddings. You’re paying for my time and I view that as the same across the board. So we can spend that on a boat, hiking up a mountain or enjoying cocktails at your favorite spot (once that’s a safe option). That said, if there are costs for housing, extra travel or permits, those could be added to the cost of an adventure elopement package.

What does it entail

Let’s start with the headlines:

  • Images delivered through online gallery
  • Separate client and public access to online gallery
  • Sharing and print rights
  • High-resolution digital files
  • Social media specific images
  • Options to add prints or albums through high quality vendor partners
  • All day coverage – 700-800 images, 3-hour coverage – 250-300 images

But, the thing is that you aren’t just paying for the photos. As an elopement is going to have fewer guests and fewer vendors on-site, that also means you need everyone to be in on the day. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’m here to help you write the full script of your day to then photograph the elopement story you want told.

How to Elope in the PNW

I can definitely help you here. All the information you need to elope in the Pacific Northwest is over on my site specifically for that. But, the most important things are to get a marriage license, a location, a photographer and of course your partner. Beyond that, let’s start dreaming of what your day will look like. If you’re looking at a North Cascades elopement, Olympic National Park elopement or a backyard elopement, I have some specific guides that can help you plan out your perfect celebration.

Other things to know for a PNW elopement package

Required permits for locations

Some elopement locations, including National Parks require permits (like North Cascades). I will acquire all photography-specific permits. If a permit is required for the elopement event itself, that is something you will need to acquire, but I’m going to do all I can to help out. Especially for out of town folks, I can submit any local information, but it’s 2021. Almost everything is online. Any permit costs will be in addition to the cost of the package.

Accomodations for photographer

If you’re eloping in Washington State, there is no additional costs for accommodations or travel. For out of state or international elopements, simply the cost of travel and lodging will be added to the cost of the day.

COVID update

Luckily we are on the downslope of COVID. But as this is going to be a part of society for a while. See my full COVID policies, but the quick version is that if your date changes, I’m here for you. I will do all I can to accommodate your changes. Also, I will continue to as safe as possible, including tests, wearing masks throughout events and advocating for safe plans for everyone involved.


What wedding and elopement packages do you offer? For weddings and elopements, I offer two base packages. One is all-day coverage and the other is a 3-hour small ceremony. Additional items can be added a-la-carte.

How many images can we expect? For all day coverage of a wedding or elopement, you can expect 600-800 images. It will vary depending on activities, number of formal images and length of time I’m on site, but I usually deliver 75-100 images per hour I’m at the wedding.

How will photos be delivered? All day weddings and elopements are delivered in a physical package with custom gift box. All events are also delivered through an online gallery (with client privacy options).

Can we print our own photos? Of course you can. When you book, all packages come with complete printing and usage rights. But, you can also print from the online gallery system as well. That gallery is connected to a really fantastic lab so you can feel confident the images will be beautiful (and printing is easy).

Do you offer wedding albums? Yes and they’re beautiful! I offer packages that include albums or they can be purchased a-la-carte. If purchased at the time of booking, albums can be purchased at a 25% discount. 

Do you take formal photos or just candids? I will take both. There are moments when I will be a fly on the wall and then I will also help plan and photograph the formal photos with wedding parties, families, and whoever you’d like. I do encourage couples to send me lists of formal photo pairings they’d like before the wedding day so no one gets forgotten.

How do you describe your style? My style is modern and creative with realistic coloration and a deep connection to the day that actually happened.

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings? Of course! I believe that who you love is beautiful and important. I am here to document this celebration in the way most personal to you.

Do you edit the photos? All of the photos will be edited and color corrected before you see them. I will apply the same coloration and styling you see throughout my work. I also do minor re-touching on a few images.

Do you travel for weddings and elopements? Of course! I love making photos and telling the story of your love, no matter where the celebration happens.

Do you do engagement sessions? Yes. Any all-day wedding comes with a free engagement session. I also offer them individually for couples who don’t want to book a wedding. See my list of the best engagement photo locations in the Seattle area.

Do you shoot full weddings too? Yes! Whether you’re having a wedding on top of a mountain with 2 guests, a 200 guest wedding at a church, I’m here to photograph the wedding or elopement story you want to be told. Read all about my wedding photography packages.

Do you use a second photographer at weddings and elopements? Typically I photograph weddings by myself, but I do offer a package that includes a second or I can add one a-la-carte. It is helpful having someone for large weddings or if you’re not planning to have a first look.

Can we request specific photos? You definitely can make specific photo requests. You don’t need to come up with a full list of the photos you want made, but if there is a photo with someone or a specific image you’d like to re-create, don’t hesitate to ask. I do recommend folks write up lists of formal photo-combinations so that no one gets forgotten.

Can we see a full gallery? Of course! Just say hi on my contact page and let’s talk. Once I hear a bit more about your day, I can send you a few example galleries that will give the best example of what your type of wedding would look like.

Can we meet? Most definitely. Though as long as we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will most likely be some sort of virtual meeting. I look forward to meeting up for drinks and face-to-face conversations again soon.

How do we book you? Once we’ve chatted, I request a non-refundable $500 (+tax) date reservation fee as well as a contract. I’ll explain when we’re having our first meeting.

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