Salish Lodge Wedding and elopements

Salish Lodge is one of the most iconic spaces in all of the PNW. To have this hotel sitting on the top of the Snoqualmie Falls could not make it a better spot for a wedding. There is so much beauty in this space that it is worth your time to consider for the wedding. To have a spot that is tucked up in the Cascade Mountains and surrounded by tall evergreens, it really does feel like all of the Pacific Northwest on one property. Whether you’re looking for a small elopement or a full wedding, this is a great venue!

History of Salish Lodge

The lodge was originally built as the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge in the early 1900s. It stayed as the quaint hotel through the 70s and was famous for it’s Farm Breakfast and the “Over The Falls” cocktail. In 1988, it was remodeled into the Salish lodge we know today. There are now 91 rooms as well as the various meeting, eating and relaxation centers around the space.

Now booking 2023 and 2024 weddings and elopements

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All-day weddings start at $4500, 3-hour elopements start at $2500.

Twin peaks

I can’t write a guide to Salish Lodge without mentioning it’s most famous usage. In Twin Peaks (running 1990-1991), the exterior of the building was used as The Great Northern Hotel. It’s still common to see people pull into the lodge and joke about Dale Cooper coming to track them down. Though the interior of the building is totally different, you can still see the same exterior when standing in the public parking looking back at the lodge.

Salish Lodge has great food for your elopement

I’m a vegetarian, so when it comes to the quality of wedding foods, I’m not always the person to ask (simply because I don’t partake in all the options). That said, I can honestly say that the food at Salish Lodge is top-notch. I’ve seen so many of those “oh man, this is good” faces as people sit around tables. And, on a night when they were also serving prime rib, I’ve seen meat-loving folks go back for third helpings of their roasted corn chowder.

Are weddings at Salish Lodge always intimate?

I know that when you say “Intimate” a lot of people read that as “small.” That isn’t the case at all. Salish can easily have a big wedding, but their most well-known spots for a ceremony are best if your guest list is under 100. They also have a lot of other options for even smaller get-togethers. Some of my favorite weddings I’ve been a part of here were ones with just a handful of folks celebrating.

How is the staff for a wedding at Salish Lodge?

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome the Salish staff is. Because of the reputation, the lodge has for all guests, it is obvious that the same care is transferred to weddings and their guests. It’s a group of people who will bend over backward to make sure you remember the joys of your wedding.

Wedding photography at Salish Lodge

I love the beauty of making photos at Salish Lodge. I’ve been able to photograph quite a few images up there. With that, I have the trust of their staff to make images that they know will turn out great, but I also have learned so much about how to use the moodiness and rich history of this building to your advantage.

All-day wedding photography packages at Salish Lodge start at $4500. Say hi and let’s talk about how to document your perfect day. If you’re looking to have a smaller elopement ceremony, I am happy o discuss options to document the day, whether that be at Salish or anywhere else in Washington!

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How take photos at Snoqualmie Falls during Salish Lodge Wedding?

One of the most common things that people want when they get married at Salish Lodge is to take the well known Snoqualmie Falls wedding photos at the base of the falls. If you look, you can easily find photos of people doing this. I cannot stress it enough, do not climb the fence from the public viewing side. It is dangerous. And, as we have mentioned before, this is a sacred area, so please follow the rules set by the tribe about how to reverently visit this beautiful space.

That said, there is access from the other side of the river through the Snoqualmie Forrest Theater. In order to access, you must be a member of the theater. It’s only $125 per year and you must be a member to have access. This means that for any photos you want taken, the client needs to be the member, not the photographer. If you have any questions, please ask me.

How much does it cost to get married at Salish Lodge

Intimate weddings of 8-20 guests start around $1,440.  For larger groups it really depends on the space they need, but you can expect to spend between $150-250/ person for a wedding at the Lodge. 

How many people does a wedding at Salish Lodge seat?

A comfortable max is between 100-125 people

What other amenities can you expect with a wedding at Salish Lodge?

Staff will take care of each guest from before they arrive until after they leave.  Anything the Lodge provides will be set up and torn down by our staff.  The planning team is fantastic at making recommendations that will make the event seamless from start to finish.

Where can you get a customized quote for a Salish Lodge Wedding?

For more specific information to their event, guests can email

Salish Lodge Wedding bride with veil and waterfall
Salish Lodge Wedding bride and groom in front of waterfall