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        Your relationship with your photographer should be special and one of open communication and ideas. Tell me all about your wedding hopes & dreams.


        All weddings are different. Whether you’re getting married in a huge church, a rad venue or on top of a mountain, it’s going to be just your own. Therefore, as your affordable wedding photographer, I want to help make sure that we get you covered to make just the right images and have just the right prints to fit your story. Everything I do is to focus on helping to make strong relationships that are joyful and adventurous. With that, comes trust and images that really show off who you are and why you love each other.

        So, say hi below. I will happily let you know more about the options I can provide, but much more than that, I want to know about what excites you about your wedding. What are the elements, colors, themes, beers or traditions that you can’t wait to share with your community? What are you just too eager to wait to share?
        I should also say that whatever we do, I offer free engagement shoots for everybody who books a wedding me. These are a gift from me to you (It’s free, who doesn’t like a free gift?). It’s a chance for me to see how you work, an opportunity for you to practice being in front of a camera together (before the big day) and a great time for us to make up inside jokes that everyone else will be jealous of on the wedding day.

        Lastly, once I send you the options I’ve outlines, know that I’m always willing to have a conversation about what your budget, goals and how we can find the perfect place for those to come together. More than anything, I want you to have incredible photos on your wedding day.