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Before we start, let’s keep things simple here. I offer two basic packages for my Seattle wedding photography. One is an all-day package while the other is a 3-hour coverage (perfect for weekday celebrations). To get all the details, say hi through the contact page, and we can find what’s right for you.

Seattle Elopement Photographer

I love weddings. I love elopements. 

If you look around this site a little, you’re going to see the words “elopement” and wedding” used interchangeably. I don’t price them any differently. I don’t really see them as different things. Other folks might not use them the same way, but the truth is your wedding is your wedding—no matter if two people come or 200! By trying to put a particular style or aspect of a wedding into a box, it will be a struggle to embrace all the goodness the day has to offer. So, let’s focus on the day you’re going to have—regardless of what you call it.

So, with that, dream big! Fill your day with the memories you want to have, and I’ll be there, not just to help you remember what you did, but to make images that recapture the feeling. You’ll see I often ask the question “what would you do if your wedding wasn’t photographed?” With that question, I’m not trying to talk myself out of a job, but ask you to dream big. There is a chance we won’t fully be able to do everything and I’ll be there to photograph the day that happens. But having that big dream be our true north that we tell your wedding story around helps to make the emotions behind your memories come through the images.


All-Day celebration

I mean it when I say all-day


  • All-day wedding coverage
  • 600-800 images
  • Images delivered on USB and online
  • Complete printing rights
  • Free Engagement
Let’s chat

3-hour ceremony

Perfect for intimate celebrations


  • 3-hour coverage
  • 300-400 images
  • Online gallery delivery
  • Complete printing rights

Don’t see what you’re looking for, I’m always open to make a package that is perfect for you. Just send me a message and I can help. I can also help with albums, prints or anything else you’d like. Please inquire for pricing for 2025 and beyond.

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My Photographic Style

I’m also deeply rooted in my love of the Pacific Northwest. I was born in Tacoma and have lived in Washington State my whole life. I work to incorporate my love of this corner of the world into my work.

My images take a lot from the vibe of the day. Whether it’s a bright summer afternoon or a rainy February evening, my photos will bring back those memories and help you relive them. 

On your wedding day, I will help you pose for the formal photos of the day, but then I will be a fly on the wall while you’re celebrating with your friends and family. I will use the natural setting of the day to guide the images. My editing style is modern but sticks close to the true colors of the day. I also incorporate a lot of film into my work, thereby allowing for another layer of creativity and complexity when making the images.

Now booking 2023 and 2024 weddings and elopements

Whether you just are wondering about pricing or you want to have an in-depth discussion about veil styles, let’s start chatting.

All-day weddings start at $4500, 3-hour elopements start at $2500.

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Wedding Couple Portraits

I do really value making creative portraits of couples on their wedding day. For most couples, this means there are two sessions to photograph. One is earlier in the day, right after the first look. It’s often brighter and lighter. We will work together to find a spot that is intimate, fits with your overall theme of the day, and gives you a chance to laugh together.

Every time I witness a couple walking out of the reception, the first thing they do is breathe deep, and if that’s all we get from these sessions, then they’re a success! For most weddings, I also encourage couples to take some sunset photos, as well. This takes a little more planning, depending on the location and the season, but it allows us to go out after the wedding and enjoy a stress-free moment together. This is classically done during the “golden hour,” when the light is incredibly beautiful, and the peace and tranquility come through.

See Michael and Kaeley’s sunset photos in downtown Seattle

How Do We Take Photos if it Rains?

Seattle and Western Washington are notorious for rain; that is true. But here is a secret: It doesn’t rain as much as people think. There are very few days when it rains all day. So, although we might not get sun breaks, we will get moments when the rain isn’t falling, and we can take advantage of those moments to take photos outdoors.

But even if we don’t have those moments, or you don’t want to step outside, don’t worry! We will have conversations before the wedding to understand your values and your dreams. I will collaborate with you to create images that tell the story of your day, while still making art that you’ll want to hang on your walls.

on rainy wedding day, bride and bridesmaids walk in a parking lot and laugh

Rad days to remember

Where Should I Have My Seattle Wedding?

Seattle Wedding Venues

There are a lot of really awesome wedding venues here in the Seattle area. Whether you’re looking for something big, small, with a view, or on a boat, we have options. You can see my full list of favorite venues here, but I do just want to list a few of my favorites:

Westland: $$$ | Up to 150 guests | Available Year-Round |Kelsey and Matt’s Blog post | Website

Do you like good whiskey, bright open spaces, exposed wood… and more good whiskey? This is a great spot for a bigger celebration.

Within Sodo: $ | Up to 200 guests | Available Year-Round |Riley and Thelben’s Blog Post | Website

Rooftop summer joy. I don’t need to say anything else. Oh yeah, and you can see the skyline. It’s awesome.

Fremont Foundry: $$$$ | Up to 225 guests | Available Year-Round |Website

Urban-cool. You will get street cred just by visiting the website.

Great Hall at Green Lake: $ | Up to 300 guests | Available Year-Round | Website

If you want to build your day on a blank slate in the middle of a great neighborhood, this is the one. It’s also big.

elopement on stern of washington state ferry in seattle

Seattle Elopement Locations

Here are a few great elopement location ideas within the Seattle city limits, but if you want more ideas on elopements, you might want to hop over to my Washington State elopement guide.

King County Courthouse: $ | Up to 15 guests | Available Year-Round | Website

There is something special about the tradition of a courthouse wedding. It is a nod to the history of lovers who simply needed the wedding to happen. Luckily, the King County building is beautiful and right in the middle of the city, giving you endless other photo and celebration opportunities nearby. If you’re interested, just reach out, and they’ll help you set it up. Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of elopements allowed at the courthouse is fewer than normal.

Gasworks Park: $$ | Unlimited guests | Available Year-Round 

Although you can’t play paintball like Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, Gasworks is still a beautiful place to elope. Like many other Seattle-area elopement locations, Gasworks is known to be busy on sunny days. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan your elopement accordingly. Although most other park-goers are usually respectful and will help you carve out a little space to enjoy, just remember there’s going to be at least one picnic, and some folks running nearby.

Washington State Ferry: $$ | Best with up to 30 guests | Available Year-Round 

I often refer to the Washington State Ferry system as the “Public Yachts.” With the ferry system, you can get married on a yacht without needing to buy the boat! With both the Bainbridge Island and Bremerton ferries leaving directly from the Coleman Docks, you will have options to choose where you’d like to end up, and how long you need to be on the boat. It’s also a good idea to walk onto the ferry, as walk-on passengers have the easiest access to the upper decks. This will help you pick out your spot. Like many other public spaces, if you’re going to have a ferry elopement, then it’s not a good idea to do it during peak travel times. Note: The captain of the boat cannot marry you. You must provide your own officiant.

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Sample Wedding Timeline

For most Seattle weddings, I arrive about 45 minutes before the end of makeup and getting ready. Even with all-day coverage options, most folks don’t want to be photographed before they’re a little bit ready. I then take some photos of mimosas and laughter before photographing the wedding dress and other details.

Once everyone is dressed, most couples opt for a first look. This is usually 2-3 hours before the ceremony. That time goes fast, but the more time we take, the more relaxed we can be throughout the process.

Following the first look and portraits with the couple, I move into images with the wedding party. We then do family photos and wrap up with enough time for makeup to be touched up and everyone to have some water before the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we’ll move into the cocktail hour and reception. There might be a few more formal photos during that hour. We’ll sneak out for some sunset photos, and then you can dance the night away.

For a more detailed timeline, let’s start talking. With just a few pieces of information, I can create a complete timeline of what your day could look like.

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Suggested vendors

Hair and Makeup: I wrote a full blog on this, but I’d definitely recommend talking to Michelle Wright, Kendra Springer or Sarah Ren. It is always a good idea to make sure your makeup artist has experience with your skin tone.

Planners: PinkBlossom Events, Pacific Engagements, Prive Events 

Dressmakers: BHLDN, The Dress Theory, Grace loves Lace, Emily Riggs

Videographer: Becca Neblock, Weiss films

Live Stream:, Simply Eloped

Florists: The London Plane, Anthrea Floral 

DJ’s: DJ Headsmile

Caterers/Food Trucks:Table Catering (seriously, the best) and other food truck options

couple poses for elopement in hotel room on lake washington in seattle

Other Things for Guests to Do

Do you have folks coming into town? They’re going to want to see the city. Obviously, you can send them to the old standbys: Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Kerry Park, Rattlesnake Ridge, and a Sounders match

But if they want to do something a little different, then try a hot tub boat, a seaplane sightseeing tour, a meal at awesome Black-owned restaurants, and the best beer in Seattle (at least, in my opinion).

smiles at bride during first look on jose rizal bridge in downtown seattle on wedding day

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wedding and elopement packages do you offer?

For weddings and elopements, I offer two base packages. One is all-day coverage, and the other is for a three-hour small ceremony. Additional items can be added a la carte.

How many images can we expect?

For all-day coverage of a wedding or elopement, you can expect 600-800 images. This will vary depending on activities, the number of formal images taken, and the length of time I’m on site, but I usually deliver 75-100 images for each hour I’m at the wedding.

How will photos be delivered?

All-day weddings and elopements are delivered in a physical package with a custom gift box. All events are also delivered via an online gallery (with client privacy options).

Can we print our own photos?

Of course, you can! When you book, all packages come with complete printing and usage rights, but you can also print from the online gallery system. That gallery is connected to a fantastic lab, so you can feel confident that the images will be beautiful. Plus, printing is easy!

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes and they’re really beautiful! I offer packages that include albums, or they can be purchased a la carte. If purchased at time of booking, then albums can be purchased at a 25% discount. 

Do you take formal photos or just candids?

I will take both. There are moments when I will be a fly on the wall, and then I will also help plan and photograph formal photos with wedding parties, families, and whomever you’d like. Note: I encourage couples to send me lists of formal photo pairings they’d like before the wedding day, so no one gets forgotten.

How do you describe your style?

My style is modern and creative with realistic coloration and a deep connection to the day as it really happened.

Do you edit the photos?

All the photos will be edited and color-corrected before you see them. I will apply the same coloration and styling that you see throughout my work. I also do minor retouching on a few images.

Do you travel for weddings and elopements?

Of course! I love taking photos and telling the story of your love—no matter where the celebration happens!

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes. Any all-day wedding comes with a free engagement session. I also offer them individually for couples who don’t want to book a wedding.

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

Of course! I believe that who you love is beautiful and important. I am here to document this celebration in the way most personal to you.

Do you shoot elopements?

Yes! Whether you’re having a wedding on a mountaintop with two guests, in your backyard with 50, or anywhere else you can imagine, I’ll be there to photograph the wedding or elopement story that you want to tell. Read all about my elopement offerings!

Do you use a second photographer at weddings and elopements?

Typically, I photograph weddings by myself, but I do offer a package that includes a second photographer, or I can add one a la carte. It is helpful to have an extra photographer for large weddings or if you’re not planning to have a first look.

Can we request specific photos?

You can make specific photo requests. You don’t need to produce a full list of the photos you want to be made but if there is a photo with someone you’d like to take, or a specific image you’d like to recreate, then don’t hesitate to ask! I recommend that you write lists of formal photo-combinations so that no one gets forgotten.

Can we see a full gallery?

Of course! Just say hi on my contact page, and let’s talk. Once I understand a bit more about your day, I can send you a few example galleries to give you the best example of what your type of wedding would look like.

Can we meet?

Most definitely! Let’s do it. Whether online or in person, let’s chat!

How do we book you?

Once we’ve chatted, I will request a non-refundable $500 (+tax) date-reservation fee, as well as a contract. I’ll explain more in detail during our first meeting.

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