Bainbridge Island ferry wedding | Christa & Jake

As we were walking back to the ferry to head back to Seattle, I was walking right in front of Christa and Jake. They were just chatting to each other and with all the joy you can imagine, Christa said to him, “Today was so much better than we could have hoped.” It’s true. This day that they planned full of creativity, spontaneity, controlled chaos, and intimacy could not have been a better celebration for these two. From Jake bursting into tears during their first look to the couple being invited to be the first on to the ferry to a rooftop reception with friends from around the country (everyone so thankful for vaccines bringing us all together again) and beyond that, they got to see whales on the trip home. You read that right, WHALES!

In all, it was a day that felt a little bit like a fairytale, or maybe better put, a ferry-tail.

Groom cries during first look before bainbridge island ferry wedding
groom kneels down when he see bride on wedding day before bainbridge island ferry elopement
couple has wedding on the back of the bainbridge island ferry with seattle in the background
first kiss on bainbridge island ferry wedding
couple sits looking out window during bainbridge island ferry wedding
couple looks at whales during bainbridge island ferry wedding
couple laughs together during bainbridge island ferry wedding at sunset
couple kisses on the boat at sunset during bainbridge island ferry wedding

Thank you so much to Christa and Jake for letting me be a part of this celebration. It was unforgettable. Thank you as well to Cameron Catering, the Fletcher Bay Winery and the Washington State Ferries for all you did to help make this day flow!

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