Stevens Pass Backcountry Skiing engagement photos | Meredith & Phil

I met Phil while on a ski trip to Canada. During that week, he and Meredith bought a house. At the time, Erika was pregnant and another member of our group was in the process of buying a condo. So, we all had to hike up a few miles and a few thousand feet to reach a repeater, the only place in the valley to check in with partners on progress back home. This is a completely unrelated story that just makes me laugh.

Fast forward, Phil and Meredith (that partner in charge of buying the house) are going to elope at their cabin. So, it seemed that just right that these two ski folks would head up Stevens Pass for their engagement session. We started before dawn at their humble cabin and then up to the slopes.

To start off the day, we headed up a little higher. Obviously we were powder hunting, but the ridge and views were unparalleled for a backdrop of a few photos of Meredith and Phil as they got ready to enjoy the day.

After a quick fix to some boots, we were back on the slopes for the afternoon. We hiked out again to another powder stash and an epic view of the afternoon in the Cascades

I should note that when you scroll down a little, you’ll see a photo of Phil skiing through an open glade. I had stayed up top to photograph both of them skiing that area, then went through myself. Though these two professionals nailed it and made everything look good, they tried to warn me that it was sticky. I hit the spot, teetered over and then pinwheeled through. I’m quite glad I was the one with the camera, not the one getting his silliness documented.

It’s a little crazy to look back on this engagement session with how much the world has changed. Not long after, the ski resorts shut down and the realities of COVID became apparent. I also appreciate the planning and measured approach that these two took and know we’re going to have a great celebration this fall.

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