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Block 41 Wedding

Block 41 wedding

Block 41 is a unique event space and wedding venue in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle that is created by the award-winning Graham Baba architecture firm and works hard to make a space that can scale to whatever size your wedding or elopement is while providing an industrial-chic space to celebrate.

Wedding ceremony options and floor plan

The Bert & Tot Ballroom

This is the biggest room at Block 41. We are talking 350 seated. That’s huge. And to get to use that space and create what you want is so special. It comes with all the amenities you’re looking for and is connected to some of the other areas in the building as well.

The Ewing Theater

The lower level of the Block 41 building. It’s a little smaller (maxing at 216 seated), but still has every amenity you could want. It also incorporates the moodier lighting with unfinished Douglass fir supports and polished floors. 

The Courtyard

An intimate backyard in the middle of Belltown. It’s your little hideaway to enjoy those summer nights in the PNW. It includes landscaping, graffiti art by Victor Vong and also easily connects to the Bert & Tot Ballroom if you want to access the whole building. Seats 56.

Virtual Tour

If you’re having trouble imagining what it all looks like or you want to see the space from the comfort of home (We are still in COVID times), they also have a virtual tour to check out all the options.

Block 41 wedding cost

The cost for that ranges from $5,000 for Sundays and $7,000 for Monday – Friday. Saturdays they rent out the full building only for $9,000.

Block 41 wedding capacity

Capacity at Block 41 depends on which room. But they range from 50 for their courtyard option up to 350 for the largest space.


Parking in Beltown is notoriously difficult. Luckily there are 3 pay to park lots within a minute of the venue. There are also stree parking options. That said, you definitely are going to want to use the Pay On Your Phone app to pay for it as most of the spots in this area are 2 or 4 hour. So, use the app and it’s really easy to re-up without having to go back and move or feed the meter.

Other events

Block 41 is a great space for other events aside from weddings. They are designed for photo or video shoots, have special pricing for non-profits and can help accommodate anything you need.

Block 41 is a wonderful venue. If this sounds like your kind of place, reach out or follow them on social media.

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