Rainy Snoqualmie Falls Wedding | Dan & Jess

Waking up the morning of Dan and Jessica’s elopement, we didn’t find a forecast of sun. So we chatted if they wanted to continue with the players to go for a hike before their ceremony at Salish Lodge. But, they were totally up for a hike and to just embrace the rainy Snoqualmie Falls wedding celebration they had planned.

With wedding shoes and umbrellas in hand and hiking boots on their feet, we headed down to Snoqualmie Falls. It is always awe inspiring to be at the base of this powerful monument to the power of nature. They eschewed so many traditions and instead just made the day their own. They smiled, giggled and just enjoyed every second together in the downpour.

After we got back to Salish (and dried off a little), it was time to celebrate their wedding with the 5 people most important in their lives. It was a beautifully personal ceremony and a wonderful way to see two people join their lives.

Thanks again to Dan and Jessica for letting me be a part of the day. I can’t wait to go through more memories and remember this day forever.

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