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A few years ago, I was connected to a guy named Jason through a program we had both participated in. He is a writer for Heifer International’s internal magazine (called World Ark). During our time at that event, we hatched the idea to get my photos in for the magazine.

Fast forward a few years and it actually happened. We finally were able to make it happen when Heifer wanted to do a story on Guinea Pig farmers in the Andes of Peru. Well, I just so happen be free during the window they wanted, speak spanish and have a lot of cultural understanding about the country. It was a natural fit and so I was on a flight, headed to Lima and then on to Cuzco where we met with participants in the programs.

It is really cool seeing my work in other places. I’m constantly humbled by seeing these images that mean so much to me resonating with others. Here is an article on the guinea pigs (called cuys in spanish) and about local artisan groups.

As for myself, I have a ton of stories as well. I did daily vlogs during that trip, so check them out.

Thank you again to Heifer International and Heifer Peru for the opportunity to come in and make photos. They are doing incredible work.

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