Cady & Cameron | New years day engagement

“I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.”

-Evel Knievel

So, it’s a good thing that Cady and Cameron are outdoorsy and are real troopers because the wind for their Rattlesnake Ledge engagement photos were something fierce.

It was Cady’s last day of winter break before heading back to her last semester before graduating a nutritionist. They headed over to the West side of the mountains for an engagement shoot. We grabbed our backpacks and started the climb up the trail. It was absolutely incredible with how bright, beautiful, warm and happy that trip was. How could you ever expect to actually have sunshine on January 3 in the PNW? You really can’t.

I love doing the Rattlesnake Ledge hike with people who haven’t done it before. The best part is seeing their face as you reach the overlook. After about an hour in the trees, you pop out into a 270 degree view looking straight east into the Cascades. It’s truly awe inspiring. But this time, as soon as we climbed up on the rock, we were almost knocked back off by the gale force winds swiping across the point. I looked at them and we joked “It’s a good thing that windy hair is trendy because that’s what we’re looking at today.”

I have to stop and say thanks to these two troopers. It was really hard to pose and stand around on this blustery day. At one point, Cady’s hat flew off her head and we thought it was gone for good (thank goodness for an evergreen that stopped it at the last second). Through it all, Cady and Cameron just laughed and smiled. Seriously, it’s people like them that make me love doing this job.

Tips of trees lit by sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Couple kisses Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Couple walks down hill of rocks Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Couple kisses in the Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Couple kisses in the Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Man kisses woman's cheek hiking engagement

Man snuggles with woman Sunset hiking enegagement

Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

couple stands in the trees and smiles Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Woman's portrait Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Sunset hiking engagement

Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Sunset hiking engagement photos

sunset hiking engagement photos

Couple stands together in the Sunset Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement

Thanks again to Cady and Cameron for making this windy afternoon into a blast. I can’t wait for your wedding this summer at Brown Family Homestead!

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  1. JUST WOW.All of these images are stunning! I have always wanted to visit Rattlesnake Ledge and this post has made me want to get to the PNW ASAP.

  2. It was so worthy hiking that high. I have never been to Seattle but after seeing this shoot I would love to go and have a wedding there.

  3. Wow! What an amazing location. I’ve never been to Seattle but Rattlesnake Ledge will be on my list of places to hike to when I do. I love adventurous couples!

  4. These are gorgeous! I love when couples are up for hiking for their engagement photos–it makes for such a wonderful experience!

    1. Thanks so much! These are always such a fun way to get to know a couple in their element. It’s beautiful and really prepares us for their wedding day!

  5. Hiking for an engagement session is the best!!! I’m sure you get a lot of that as a Seattle wedding photographer though. I have to travel a bit to get to some great spots. But totally worth it.

  6. The warmth in these photos is beautiful! I love rattlesnake– such a rad hiking engagement shoot + I agree that seeing peoples faces in a new spot is so awesome!