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        There was a surreal moment about a year ago when I first met with Brian (Emily was sick) about their wedding. They were going to have a Kauai Beach Wedding. I don’t know about you, but this was kinda the Superbowl of wedding photography. But, in getting to know these fantastic humans (especially at their engagement shoot), it turned more into a welcoming into the family. Every time I look at these images, they put a smile on my face, but even more is memories of the pure-unadultrated joy these two had on that day. As I’m delivering their wedding album and a few prints this week, I wanted to share images with you in celebration of this fantastic day.

        Getting Ready

        Rings in hawaii flower photo

        Wedding Dress Kauai photo

        First of all, can you have a more pristine place to get ready? I submit that you cannot.  Seriously, it was pure magic.

        Bride laughs photo

        Bride and Bridesmaid laugh photo

        Get used to Emily’s smile.  That will be in every photo.  None of the emotional bride, too-cool-for-school photos here. Just ear to ear grins.

        Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Bride's Makeup photo

        Bridesmaids cheers Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Oh yea, the dudes looked pretty good too.

        Groomsmen drink beer Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        First Look

        Groom stands in forrest photo

        Groom Na 'Aina Kai Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Look at that handsome sir. Well done Brian.

        Bride and groom have first look photo

        Bride and groom have first look Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Bride and groom walk photo

        Bride and Groom Na 'Aina Kai Wedding photo

        Bride and groom walk in the woods photo

        Bride and Groom stand in the woods Na 'Aina Kai Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Seriously, the Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  They got engaged there and so wanted to complete the circle.  I can’t imagine a more pristine place to celebrate love.

        Na 'Aina Kai Kauai Beach Wedding Wedding photo

        Bride smiles with bouquet photo

        Bride stands in the woods Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Bride and Groom stand in the woods Na 'Aina Kai Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Wedding Party (or Partaaaaay)

        21 - photo

        22 - photo

        23 - photo

        Those three were so the best kind of dorks. The whole day, they kept the party rolling and everyone smiling.

        24 - photo

        25 - photo


        26 - photo

        This was one of the cutest wedding entrances ever.  Again, notice Emily’s smile? Yup. 🙂

        27 - photo

        28 - photo

        29 - photo

        Bride laughs Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        31 - photo

        Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        I could get used to a backdrop like this.

        first kiss Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Wahoo! They did it.  After months of planning, lots of coordination (it’s no simple feat to bring 70 people to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific), they were married!

        34 - photo

        Bride walks on the beach photo

        36 - photo

        Wedding Party photo

        Ka Akina Kai Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        The modern American Gothic.

        39 - photo


        40 - photo

        couple kisses kauai Beach wedding Destination photo

        Before toasts, we stepped away with the couple for a few intimate photos. The sunset cooperated in a way that I couldn’t even imagine. I love how these images embody the joy, passion and depth of how much these two people love each other.

        couple kisses kauai Beach wedding Destination photo

        Couple poses between lanterns photo

        Night sky kauai photo

        Dancing photo

        47 - photo

        48 - photo

        Night Kauai Beach Wedding photo

        Thank you again to Brian and Emily for bringing Erika and me out to Hawaii for their amazing Kauai Beach Wedding. You are truly incredible humans and these are memories I will cherish forever.

        Also, thanks to the fantastic work by Legacy Events Kauai for making everything flow. If you’re doing a destination wedding, check them out and they will take away all the stress of the day!

        JTobiason Photography | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Na Aina Kai Wedding | Kauai Beach Wedding | Joe@JTobiason.com

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