Stony Point Wedding in New York | Emily & Eric

There are few people who are as intentional in their lives as Emily and Eric. With that intention, hospitality, and joy, everyone who headed up the Hudson for their Stony Point wedding knew they were in for a weekend that would bring each of those elements together. I’m always enthralled with the way that people use who they really are to guide their day. They incorporated so many elements of their individual faith traditions of Christianity and Judaism into the day in a way that perfectly allowed each element to be itself. Whether that meant everyone laughed until they cried at the Tisch (with an anti-Fascist singalong and jokes about nether-regions) or a ceremony that celebrated the important significance of both heritages, the day was the obvious joining of two people dead-set on making the world better.

Weddings like this one that spans more than a single afternoon have a special place in my heart. It was so beautiful to be on the Stony Point campus for the weekend, reveling in the community that Emily and Eric brought together, the shared values most held, get a little sun and just slow down to celebrate the love of our friends.

Thank you again to Emily, Eric and everyone who made this day so memorable. It was an honor to celebrate alongside you both, to be a part of this wonderful community and most of all to call you friends.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo moments. How jay and I wished we could have been. We were in spirit

  2. I was beyond happy to be at Emi and Eric’s wedding. As Emily’s grandmother, I was so proud of their intent to do good in the world—and have fun doing it! That’s a great way to live! Gran

  3. Emily, I’m so excited for you! I want to hear your story and all about your husband … your plans… everything!