Sarah & Zach | Salish Lodge Wedding | Snoqualmie Falls Wedding

“Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.”
-Mikhail Lermontov

Everything came together for Sarah and Zach’s Salish Lodge wedding. It rained in the early afternoon, but then the sun came out, bringing the most brilliant greens that spring on the top of Snoqualmie Falls can present. It was a day so full of joy and intimacy that was exactly what these two Seattle transplants wanted to show to the world of visitors. From the moment I walked into the hotel room, Sarah was just so excited to have her wedding be here and to get to share it with everyone. I loved their first look where both she and Zach teared up a little bit. It was fun to fight the crowds and get a good view of the raging falls. Everyone was pretty excited that the bridesmaids’ dresses so perfectly matched the new leaves that were on every tree surrounding the property. But, what made the pre-wedding time so great was that it was wonderfully relaxed and joyous. They got to sit down, take their shoes off and sip a little whiskey between photos and the ceremony, a perfect way to be prepared for the evening.

Then, there were few dry eyes in the tent on the side of Salish Lodge as Sarah walked with her dad down the aisle for the ceremony. After it was over, both joked that “I know I made the sounds I was supposed t0, but I’m not sure what words I said.” But, in a ceremony that was perfectly them (including awesome electronic music as the recessional), they exited into the rest of the evening with bubbles. It was a good day.

Bride and groom first look Salish Lodge Wedding

Groom kisses bride on cheek Salish Lodge Wedding

Salish Lodge Wedding

wedding party on sunny day Salish Lodge Wedding

Bride and groom Salish Lodge Wedding

bride wears birdcage veil Salish Lodge Wedding

Salish Lodge Wedding

first kiss and bubbles Salish Lodge Wedding

first dance Salish Lodge Wedding

couple kiss in sunset Salish Lodge Wedding

Thank you again to Sarah and Zach for a fantastic day. I can’t wait to share more photos soon! I also want to give a huge shoutout to the teams at Salish Lodge, Ideal Entertainment, Shady Vines floral, the Drunken Pixel, and My Mountainside Wedding Coordination. You’re all great.

Joe Tobiason | Salish Lodge Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

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