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Jeremy & Lisa | Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

For most people, having planes fly close overhead during their Georgetown Ballroom Wedding is something to consider when making plans, for Jeremy and Lisa, it was a feature. For a man and woman who got engaged in a plane, it only made sense to celebrate the flying skies as they tied the knot and even their pup barked in agreement. There were few eyes that didn’t get a little misty watching Jeremy see Lisa for the first time as she walked down the aisle.

From the ceremony, we got to take some photos with the family and wander around the historic buildings of Georgetown. It was then time for fantastic toasts from across the couple’s histories and stories that kept everyone laughing so hard their sides split. I want to add this line to my “how to give a toast” blog. From Lisa’s mom “It’s hard to follow her dad because he is a professionally trained speaker, while I’m simply gifted.” After the toasts, they danced the night away, stopping only for photos with the Photo Bus and a hot dog before heading out into the night. It was perfectly them.

Georgetown ballroom wedding

Georgetown ballroom wedding

bride and dad walk down aisle Georgetown ballroom wedding

Georgetown ballroom wedding

first kiss Georgetown ballroom wedding

groom portraits Georgetown ballroom wedding

bride portraits Georgetown ballroom wedding

Georgetown ballroom wedding

Georgetown ballroom wedding

Georgetown ballroom wedding

Thank you again to Jeremy and Lisa for this wonderful night. It was one not to forget. I can’t wait to share more!

Joe Tobiason | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

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  1. LOVE every single photo, Joe! Also love that you quoted me!Thanks! Can’t wait to see more; we were all impressed that you seemed to be everywhere, clicking away, capturing every moment. Please include me in your mailing list. I neglected to sign up at the wedding!

    Patty Marvin (Lisa’s mom)

    1. Hey Patty!

      Thank you for your kind words. You’re so wonderful. I loved their day and can’t wait to share the photos soon! I also added you, so you’ll know when the photos are ready!