3 grooming tips for your wedding or engagement

Whether you have an engagement shoot or wedding coming up, it’s important to look and feel your best so your confidence radiates through each photograph. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make sure you show up to meet your photographer looking your best!

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Style your hair

One of the most important parts of your look is your hairstyle, which definitely should be planned ahead. Imagine getting a haircut the morning of your session and hating the look! If these are headshots or engagement photos, you may be using them for years to come, so to avoid a hair mishap, don’t try anything new too close to your photo appointment. Sticking with your trusted stylist to cut your hair and to go to for tips is the best option. But, if you have the time, pick out a new style a few months before so you can make sure you like it and learn how to style your new look!

Prep your skin

This is another area you should keep as simple as possible. Straying too far from your usual skincare routine can cause surprise breakouts or irritation and sensitivity. However, if you drink plenty of water, wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser, and use a hydrating moisturizer, you will be on the road to fresh looking skin. If your face needs a little extra TLC, feel free to grab some inexpensive moisturizing and spot-treatment masks from the grocery store for yourself to have a fun spa night at home!

For men, a big part of your skin care routine is your facial hair. It’s important to make sure that your facial hair compliments your haircut (another tip to ask your barber!) Achieve your best look without irritating your skin before your photo session by using the best shaving accessories for a smooth face and a neat style. If you have a sharp razor and moisturizing products, you will be able to get a close shave or clean, straight lines for any facial hair look you want to keep for your session.

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The small details

A couple small details that you can tackle quickly but will make a big impact on your look are whitening your teeth and grooming your brows. Whitening your teeth is something you can start doing at any time before your photography session to make a huge difference in your smile and confidence! The most simple route to take is to switch out your toothpaste for a whitening option, but if you have less time or want to make more of an effort to look into whitening strips. Having a white smile will give you more confidence and help you shine brightly in your photos.

Grooming your brows will make you look neatly groomed and put together. Who knew such a small change makes such a big difference? Going to a professional to groom your brows is never a bad idea, but tackling your brows yourself is a simple task for men or women.

Taking care of quick and easy parts of your look, like these above, will help you look and feel your best for whatever important photography session you may have coming up!

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