Best Hair and Makeup Artists in Seattle

It’s so hard to figure out who to pick for your wedding vendors. So here is a list of some of the photographer-approved and best wedding hair and makeup artists in the Seattle area. 

Tips on finding the right artist

Before we dive into the list of the best folks here in the area, I asked a few of them if they had any tips for you as you started trying to find the right hair and makeup artist. 

As with many things when it comes to a wedding, but don’t just focus on price. Make sure that the artist has a good sense of the style you are looking for. That isn’t to say that if you work with the most inexpensive option you’ll end up looking like the makeover in The Office, but you do want to make sure that you have the same style goals as your artist. It is also really important to know that the artist has experience working with your skin tones and ethnicity. 

Hair and Makeup cost in Seattle

In the Seattle area, bridal makeup started in the $250-450 range. 

How long does wedding makeup take?

Usually wedding makeup takes 20 minutes-1 hour per person.

Best Hair and Makeup Artists in Seattle

Sarah Ren –  Award-winning, highly rated, published HMUA and experience with all ethnicities.  

Michelle Wight – my specialty would be hair and makeup specifically tailored to each client, I like to bring each bride’s vision come to life, not a one size fits all.

Kendra Springer – a clean beauty makeup artist based in Seattle. she uses products that are eco-friendly, & free of toxins & chemicals

Bethany Yackel – I specialize in natural, radiant beauty.

Yessie Libby – Specializing in natural beauty for the modern bride.

Onsite Beauty by Brooke – We use the highest quality of products to create a flawless makeup application, that will last throughout the day, and photograph beautifully.

Chelsey Matley –  I like giving the people of grey Seattle, a little glow. I offer professional, on-location services. I am happy to travel for your makeup needs!

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