Graeme & Zoe | Stormy Rainy Wet Dreary engagement

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When Graeme and Zoe planned their engagement session in the Cascades in January, it was definitely on the possibilities that it could be cold and wet. But, it was way more cold and wet than anyone could have thought. And through it all, they were receiving texts from family at home on the East Coast about how bright and warm it was. Instead, they were greeted by near gale force winds, rain that soaked through and two people who laughed and loved every second of their way through the adventure. It’s always a sign for me that couples are extra awesome when they just embrace the day they’re given and make it their own. I honestly think I was the one who whined more (though they have lived in Chicago, so they kept scoffing at me not knowing what cold really was). 

It was an absolute joy to make these images. I really feel like their personality, light, joyous love emanates through and the film photos (made on my Mamiya RZ67 and Ilford HP5+) really show the grit of the day. Enjoy!

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