3 years of self-portraits

March 2020 was a dark time. But, one of the best creative pursuits of my life came out of it. On March 24, I began taking a self-portrait with Lena. I’ve talked about this before in 2 YouTube videos (6 months and 2 years), a few blogs and even in PetaPixel post.

So, here are some of my favorites from the last year. Things changed a lot with Nico being born. I am not quite caught up on organization with them all. When it was just me and Lena, I always made sure Lena or I were the ones clicking the shutter. Sometimes we’d use a “human tripod” but we still clicked the shutter. Since his birth, I’ve had to relax that policy a bit so a lot of these photos were taken by Erika. So, this is a little crazy, but here are a bunch of my favorites from the last 365 days.

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