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Jacson & Paulina | Bellingham Fall Wedding | The Fork

I’ve known Jacson and Paulina for a while. Jacson is one of the founders of Recelamation of Youth Day and it has been great seeing them grow together. It was only natural to see them celebrate their Bellingham Fall Wedding in a way that cherishes the city on the shores of Bellingham Bay.

2 - Wedding bands photo

3 - Whiskey glasses photo

Well done Jacson. Everyone loved the “Legion of Groom” personalized whiskey glasses.

4 - Wedding bands on invitation photo

5 - Wedding dress at Chrysalis Hotel Bellingham Wedding photo

6 - Brdesmaid smiles Fall Bellingham Wedding photo

I love the details on that dress!

7 - Bride puts on dress photo

8 - Bride smiles at bouquet Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

9 - Groom waits for bride photo

I love it when grooms cry. I’m usually joining in the tears behind my camera.

10 - Groom cries when bride walks up Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

11 - First Look Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

12 - Bride and groom smile at eachother photo

13 - Bride and groomkiss Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

14 - Groom smiles at camera photo


15 - Wedding Party cheers Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

16 - Bride and groom kiss Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

17 - Bride pulls on groom's jacket black white bellingham fall wedding photo

18 - Bride and groom kiss Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

19 - Bride and groom stand on bridge Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

I love when we have time to get away from the craziness of wedding days to make some personal images.

20 - Bride and groom kiss Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

21 - Brie and groom smile photo

22 - Bride smiles with bouquet photo

23 - Fiddler smiles at camera photo

What a beautiful spot on Lake Whatcom for a wedding!

24 - Bride stands with her dad photo

25 - Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

26 - First Kiss Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

27 - Bride and groom walk down aisle photo

28 - Bride and groom walk down aisle photo

All right, now let’s celebrate!

29 - Cigar Bar Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

30 - Pizza and beer Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

As Jason and Paulina got to the reception, Paulina’s parents blessed the couple with salt and bread.

31 - Parents bless couple photo

32 - bride hugs father bellingham fall wedding photo

33 - couple signs marriage certificate photo

The pen that Paulina’s grandma sent for the wedding, just before she passed. The layers of tradition were so deep, you could just feel the roots continue to grow all around us.

34 - Pen from grandma photo

35 - chicken and waffles photo

36 - Groomsman gives toast photo

37 - First dance bellingham fall wedding at The Fork photo

38 - Wedding cake photo

39 - Bride and groom cut cake at The Fork Bellingham Fall Wedding photo

40 - DJ photo

41 - Dance Party at The Fork photo

42 - Dance Party at The Fork photo

43 - Dance Party at The Fork photo

44 - Bride and groom kiss during dance at The Fork photo

I am still smiling when I look at back at this Bellingham Fall Wedding. Jacson and Paulina, you just make me happy.

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