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        A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.

        – Henry David Thoreau

        In the days before Graff and Sarah’s decision to elope in Seattle, I was praying for sun. I kept checking my phone, hoping to see a break in the clouds or even just a time when the sky wasn’t going to be falling. But, try as I might, Siri kept giving me bad news. I was a little hesitant as I pulled up to Graff and Sarah’s house to elope at the Seattle courthouse, but as soon as I opened the door, the sound of pure joy erupted out into the yard. “We don’t care, we’re Seattleites. This is just how winter is supposed to look like around here” they exclaimed!

        We started the day at their home. Sarah was perfectly comfortable in her flowy BHLDN dress and Graff rather dapper in his Hugo Boss suit, but I knew that the better sign of who they really were was the pile of all Dominion expansion packs and framed prints of The Adventures of Tintin on the wall. The flowers that they had selected from the London Plane perfectly fit the mood of the Seattle day we were about to have.

        Everyone then headed out the door and piled into a limo to see the sights of the Emerald City. We first went to the Parsons Garden park for some photos with the family. This area is often called “The Secret Garden” here because of how walled off from the world around you it feels once you’re beneath the Cedar dress that are in that park. We then headed over to Kerry Park for the most quintessential view of the Space Needle and the skyline. Usually, this spot is bustling with tourists, but one major advantage of rainy days is that you don’t have to compete for a viewpoint.

        From there, we wandered to one of my favorite places in Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Garden. This part park, part art gallery is a wonderful space of views and sculpture. It is wonderful to wander through and find ways that the light, rust, reflections and even puddles amplify the Seattle-ness of the mood. Then, it was back in the limo for some 50 year old champagne (it was mind blowingly good) and we were off for the ceremony at the courthouse.

        I really appreciate the beauty of the Seattle courthouse for their downtown Seattle elopement. In a very young city, there are few places that are covered in marble and have a feel of age in them. This is one of those places where the wight of the joyous decision these two were making stood strong. After a few tears from everyone in the room, they were married and were off to celebrate the night with drinks and more smiles.

        Wedding rings in bouquet
        Bride smiles out window Seattle Courthouse Elopement photo
        bride holds wedding bouquet
        bride smiles at wedding bouquet
        bride and groom smile in sliding door
        Bride and groom smile holding bouquet
        groom kisses bride on her head
        groom looks at camera cross light
        groom holds bride close
        bride and groom kiss in home black and white
        bride and groom sit on bench and kiss
        bride and groom sit on dresser and kiss in black and white
        bride laugs
        groom's boutineer
        bride and groom smile with joy black and white
        groom holds brides hands downtown seattle elopement
        bride and groom sit on dresser downtown seattle elopement
        couple sits on dresser Seattle Courthouse Elopement photo
        bride's back in wedding dress downtown seattle elopement
        groom holds umbrella for bride
        bride gets into limo downtown seattle elopement
        whole family in limo downtown seattle elopement
        bride and groom kiss downtown seattle elopement
        bride's flower crown olympic sculpture garden wedding
        bride's fur coat downtown seattle elopement
        rain on umbrella looking at seattle in black and white
        man takes photo of limo downtown seattle elopement
        bride and groom look at downtown Seattle under umbrella

        Thank you to Graff and Sarah for letting me be a part of this intimate day. It was one to remember.

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