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        Do you want the views but you know your partner doesn’t want to be sweaty when you propose. I’m here to help. Here are 6 mountain strolls for your hiking engagement. It’s all the scenery with none of the sweat.

        artist point hiking proposal

        Artist Point

        Do you want all of the scenery with next to none of the work? This is your spot. Artist Point is about 1 hour east of Bellingham, up past the Mt Baker Ski Resort. Because this is past the resort, it’s only open during the summer months. But, you can basically just drive up to the summit. You’ll be right in the middle between Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan. With just a few steps in any direction from the parking lot, you’re going to be on your own and in the middle of nature.

        Gold Creek pond best hiking proposal in wa

        Gold Creek Pond

        Whether you’re going in the winter for a snowshoe or in the summer, this pond is great and only an hour out of Seattle. Especially in the summer, you can park in the lot and it’s only a 10-minute walk along the path until you get to the lake. Go at sunset and you’ll be right under the peaks and get all the reflections you can handle.

        Diablo Lake viewpoint

        You’ve seen this view before. It’s super beautiful and is 40 feet from the parking lot. It is a bit of a drive to head up to the Diablo Lake viewpoint, but now that Highway 20 is open, you can go on a long drive up to the North Cascades National Park and stop for the view. If you are heading up to the North Cascades, you should definitely follow Scott Kranz 50 peaks in the park project. It’s inspiring stuff. And if you want to go further around the lake, there is some good info to get started.
        hiking porposal

        Barclay Lake

        This is a little bit of a hike. But, it’s really easy. You probably couldn’t do it in heels, but you’re probably not going to break a sweat. It’s a little over 2 miles each way, but the hike is so simple. There is a really beautiful rock formation right at the entrance to the lake that overlooks it. You can also keep walking along the West side of the lake, through the campsites, and have many little spots that have good views of the Baring Mountain across the water. If you’re adventurous, there are even a few logs going out into the water to propose on.

        Hurricane Ridge

        Are you looking for a day trip that will include a ferry (assuming you’re leaving Seattle) as well as mountain views? Then Hurricane¬†Ridge might be your best option. It’s worth the trip up to the visitor’s center and then just a few feet further and you’ll have the gateway to the Olympics all to yourself.

        hiking proposal at Rialto Beach

        Rialto Beach

        Head out to the beach. Park. Go right. Keep going until you feel like you’ve found your spot. Seriously, this is as epic of a WA coast that you can imagine. I love this area because with the sea-washed stones, hundreds of washed up logs and even giant rocks with sea holes in the wall. Once you’re proposed, snag a hut in La Push and enjoy a winter storm coming through.

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