Winter AXIS Pioneer Square wedding | Alexis Hotel | Hannah & Trenton

There are few people who are as grounded in joy and life as Hannah and Trenton. It was a day purely full of laughter and class. During their AXIS Pioneer Square wedding, I got to see them laugh together, opt to walk in the rain because it was faster, sneak out for a cigar with dad, Iced the groom during their first look, drank Dom Perignon from plastic cups and just more times than I can count say “that wedding was fun.” It was the kind of day that can’t help but bring smiles (and a few tears) to the faces of everyone who was there.

Huge thanks to the teams who made this day a success:
Photographer: Joe Tobiason
Coordination: Val Fluetsch
Hotel: Alexis Klimpton
Venue: AXIS Pioneer Square
Second Photographer: Sonja Lyon

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