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        If you’ve been following any of my social media channels, you’ve seen that I have been in central Texas for the last 10 days, teaching with an organization called the On Field Media Project. The organization was started by humanitarian photographer Matt Brandon to who spent time going out into the field making images for local groups. In that process, he found that though he could make images the organizations need, there would be so many moments he wasn’t on the field to photograph. So, he started the organization so the organizations themselves would be better prepared to make their own images.

        We are loving teaching here in Killeen, TX.

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        I know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t that mean you’re looking to train yourself out of a job?” The simple answer is never that simple. The goal of OFMP is to give all students the tools to make better images on a daily basis. This won’t replace the need for professional grade photos every once in a while, but it gives them tools to connect with donors and supporters on a daily basis.

        Over the last 2 weeks, we have been working with 2 sets of 3 day trainings. The first day is all about how to compose a story. Day two is about how to craft an image and day 3 brought everything together into a photo essay (or blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…). The whole goal being that we want them to be prepared to tell good stories, make good images and share them on a consistent manner.

        If you work with an organization that has stories to tell, say hi. We’re always looking for new partners.  If you want to see more BTS, follow me on SnapChat.

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