There is a reason that the Browns planted their new home on this property. The Brown Family Homestead is a wonderful balance of life in the mountains but near the lake and not too far from the city. It’s cared for by the hardest working caretakers in the business and is a wonderful spot for your outdoor wedding.

Couple kisses in the woods brown family homestead wedding
couple kisses beneath fall leaves brown family homestead wedding


The Browns started the homestead in 1902 and it’s been in the family ever since. Even now as a wedding venue, it’s still in the family. The current iteration of being a wedding venue has been running since 2012 and they really specialize in low-stess, big fun, lots-o-love & laughter approach to weddings, and they’re happy to share their expertise. (It also doesn’t hurt to have inherited the beautiful ol’ Homestead!)

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Getting ready

One of the real gems of this property is to get ready in the homestead itself. This old home is a perfect blend of old charm with enough power outlets. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the wallpaper in the upstairs bedrooms and the rooms with window light create wonderful spaces of light and dark shadows that make my cameras cry with joy. 

They also have an out-building for the other partner to get ready. It’s a fun spot that is perfect to sit down and relax with your wedding party.

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Ceremony site

Most Brown Family weddings have their ceremony at the amphitheater at the top of the hill. It’s a wonderful spot in the middle of a field of grass overlooking the tents, homestead and whole Lake Wenatchee valley below. It’s always fun to see the processionals of folks making their way up to this site. Some have even added musicians to the processional, making that move up into a part of the ceremony itself.

Do know that it can get a little blustery up there. So, remind everyone that you’re at almost 2000’ above sea level, so it can get a little cool quickly.

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Let’s chat!

Brown Family Homestead Reception site

These tents are the best. They’re big but they feel intimate. They can be open on hot summer nights and can closed to keep in the warmth for those fall evenings that are whispering about the winter to come. It is also so beautiful the way they’ve embraced the rustic tables and chairs. It’s a timeless look that littler has been compiled from around the decades. And then there is a dance floor that will keep you going. 

bride and groom walk along Lake Wenatchee brown family homestead wedding

Wedding Photography at Brown Family Homestead

I always love the experience of making photos at Brown Family Homestead. It is a venue that feels like it’s on the touch of wild with the comforts of home. For couples who might not want to trek miles into the North Cascades or the waves of the Olympic coast, Brown Family Homestead is just as connected to nature, but with real bathrooms.

For weddings at Brown Family Homestead, my photography packages start at $4500 for all day coverage.

bride and groom walk along lake wenatchee brown family homestead wedding
bride and groom by lake brown family homestead wedding

Waterfront access

Aside from the venue itself, many couples are also looking for photos along the water’s edge. There is a small boat-launch a few blocks away from the venue. This is a really easy spot to pop down and make photos. It’s also only 10 minutes to the Lake Wenatchee State Park. Both are great options, but the second takes a little longer. Just something that will require more planning and might be better for pre-wedding photos, that popping away for sunset photos.

How much does it cost to get married at Brown Family Homestead?

A Saturday wedding at Brown Family is $4950 and a Sunday is $2950 (both +sales tax). There are also additional options with $350 for accommodations in the homestead (sleeps 12), $350 for a bartender and day-of-coordination at $300

How many people does Brown Family Homestead seat for a wedding?

The max size is 170, but everyone would be more comfortable in the 100-150 range).

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brown family homestead wedding

Additional things to consider

Quiet hours

One thing that you should know is that the noise curfew for Brown Family is earlier than other venues (9pm). It’s completely reasonable that folks who moved to live among the mountains aren’t looking for N’SYNC sing-alongs at full blast at 2 am. It doesn’t mean you need to end your party, but if you want to keep up the volume, you will want to set up rides to an afterparty in nearby Leavenworth or somewhere else where you can really let loose.

Hotels, rentals and camping nearby

As you only can only sleep 12 max at the venue, it’s a good idea to look for other spots in the area. Luckily, you can find quite a few AirBnB options that are within a short drive. There are also hotels in Leavenworth or Wenatchee which are both within an hour east of the venue. If you have guests who want to camp, you can make reservations on the Washington State Parks website. But, make sure you make those early because they can fill up fast.

Weather and wildfires

As with so much of WA, be aware of wildfires in the summer. Brown Family is primarily an outdoor venue, so if you are unlucky enough to time your nuptials as there is a fire in the area, there is little you can do to avoid the smoke. So, keep doing your snow dances so that we have good snowpack. But if you’re worried, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Washington Smoke Blog.

bride and groom together brown family homestead wedding
bride smiles brown family homestead wedding