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        Happy Friday everyone!  We made it.  As always, on my Weekly Inspiration post, here is a few links, videos, and articles of things that inspired me this week.

        I’m a sucker for snowboard videos. The Art of Flight was one that blew just about everyone away with their next level video work along with some impressive snowboarding. So, now there is a sequel… Yea. That’s pretty cool.

        This week, we saw the 30th anniversary of the 1st Calvin and Hobbes comic. That has been such an inspiration to so many people (including our own Reclamation of Youth Day).

        This week, I finally finished reading The Book Theif. I know, I’m really breaking ground on brand new literature. I never have time to read during wedding season, but it was good to finish this one. I really love books that basically tell you how it ends in the 1st chapter and then spends the rest of the book explaining how that happened. It changes the feel from looking to “what happened” to “how did we get there.” I just like that mental shift. Send me book suggestions please.

        I feel that this was the week it switched from Fall to Winter. The signs are everywhere, the leaves are gone, it’s gold (I think Erika is scraping the window on the car right now), but most of all, everyone on Instagram is stoked about snow. Here are a few images by people who are making me want to go get up in the mountains right now.

        A photo posted by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on

        Thanks again for stopping by and being inspired with me. Let’s all have some awesome weekends full of friends, family and this special world we get to inhabit.

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