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        Yaaay! We made it to Friday again! Time to celebrate with another Weekly Inspiration!


        First, SUNDAY IS MOTHER’S DAY. Just in case you forgot.

        I love the spring weather we’re having, but am always astounded by the winter scenes. Especially as I prepare to head down to the New Zealand winter, this image (by Konsta Linkola) really stood out.


        One of my wedding photographer inspirations is Dan O’Day from Australia. I love the passion, personality and pure emotion that his emotions convey. One of his latest blog posts, from a wedding in Austin just blew me away. This is a piece that I will definitely use in the future to help get mentally ready for a wedding.

        I really liked this blog by photographer Jorge Quinteros from Miami.

        Though I’m not going to Sasquatch this year, I have really been enjoying the lineup.

        I have really been inspired by the work shared on the @PNWedding Instagram page lately. One feature we’ve been runnings is a Thursday takeover by one local artist. I love reading their thoughts on what makes their unique take on the NorthWest as well as their striving to celebrate clients. It’s definitely worth your time to go back and read this week’s by @iamjesshunter.

        Defining your style is so hard and can be so overwhelming, especially when starting out. There’s a huge variation in shooting + editing styles, and it can be hard to find your own niche and to resist following trends. One thing that is huge and can help overcome this is your why, your story. Yes, we all love capturing moments with our cameras blah blah but we need to dig deeper than that. You have a unique story that influences not only how you see the world, but the things you notice and it is what will separate your work from other people’s. When you don’t incorporate this into your shooting, you’re losing out on value and weakening your brand. For example, maybe as a child you grew up in a troubled home and to cope, you went on walks where you noticed how the light filtered the trees, the soft shadows playing on the ground, and the way it made you feel. Own that; you see beauty in simple and quiet things and it can influence your work if you dig deep into who you are. This is only an example and it can literally be anything—and it doesn’t have to be shared with the world but you know what it is, and you can embrace it. Find a deeper why than you like to capture what you see, but what drives you to create photos, what makes you want to convey things in your images and what are you trying to say? Ignore what everyone else is doing and find your own truth, and the rest will follow. -@iamjesshunter

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        I recently started getting magazines for free due to some about to expire airline miles. I realize now that I ordered too many and very much feel like Calvin here. Word to everyone, just get one or two magazines at a time. You won’t actually read them.

        Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.11.32 AM

        Lastly, I have just a little bit of self promotion. First, did you see Alison and Seth’s wedding blog post?

        Today on the JTobiason blog is Alison and Seth’s amazing winter wedding. You should definitely go check it out (link in bio)

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        Also, I’ve been hanging out a little more on the site, Twenty20. They are a rad micro-stock site and I was featured earlier in the week.

        Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.28.25 PM

        Lastly, I could only smile at this tongue and cheek promo video by an Argentinian TV station about the upcoming Copa America tournament. At most, you can only build a wall 11 men across and Messi can still bend the ball around it.

        That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend friends.

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