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        It’s been a while since I did one of these. Life has been busy. Since the last Weekly Inspiration post, I’ve been to Mexico, New York and shot a few weddings. Sorry about that, but I’m back. Here is one of my favorites from the NYC trip. I mused on Instagram, why is it that photos with motion feel right for a NYC photo? Was it the iconic ness? Was it that the motion allowed the photos to feel more timeless? Someone else pointed out that it’s the city that never sleeps, so the motion seems to tap into that. I have a lot more thoughts to define about that trip, but it was a place to start. What do you think?

        First, I want to mention a fantastic podcast made by my friend Matt Brandon. His Depth of Field podcast is about the life and times of working photographers. It’s worth your time. I really appreciated this one with portrait/wedding/great photographer Damine Lovegrove. You can see other editions of the podcast as well.

        This photo by photographer Adonya Jaja. Seriously, it makes me want to go make more images.

        On a totally different note, I really want this bar to happen, so I can enjoy the view. It would be awesome.


        My favorite line from this fantastic piece on an endurance biker “There aren’t enough muffins for the both of us to race to Mexico.” Serioulsy, take a few minutes to watch this piece on Lael Wilcox and the incredible work, trials and pain it takes to push through these races.

        As always, I’m very inspired by the work of Nortica photography. They are some of the most intensive and hard working photographers I’ve seen. I also have been following their travels on Snapchat, which is fun to see the BTS stuff.

        Garrett Grove left Instagram to be more intentional with his art. He is working on another level now.


        We can all just laugh at this:


        Lastly, I have been enjoying a project of sharing the best wedding photography from the PNW with the Instagram account PNWedding. Check it out.

        See you all next week.

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