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        Tomorrow is my first wedding of 2016. Though there will be quite a few to follow, it feels like a kid coming back from summer break. Since my last wedding, I’ve been to France, Iceland, Texas and Washington. We made it through the holidays and so many other memories. I’m just ready to get back out and start making images. During my off season, I’ve been so impressed and inspired by wonderful other photographers who are truly pushing our craft to the limits. For this week’s weekly inspiration post, here are a few examples and some thoughts on what I’ve learned from their work. I know it’s probably dangerous for a wedding photographer to advertise for others in my industry, but I don’t believe in that stuff. These are incredible artists that I am happy to learn from and truly believe that openness, rather than competition, drives a healthy workspace for us all.

        Roberto Valenzuela is high class in the wedding world. I first became inspired by his work while watching a Creative Live a few years back. I’m so impressed with the level of detail he uses in his images. Though our styles are drastically different, I really love the shadow on the wall and want to employ that.

        Similarly, Jose Villa is a name everyone in the wedding world knows. I am impressed because he manipulates the photo viewer into his vision of bright, light beauty so well. I love the joy, the fun and the subtle emotion that these emotions evoke.

        For Christmas, Erika bought me a copy of Geraldine magazine. I love holding images. It is more powerful to study the work done by the artists included while away from a computer. I am taking away the simplicity of these images, the focus on small details and the cleanliness of the images included in the magazine.

        Geraldine-1 Geraldine-2 Geraldine-3

        Beautiful arrangement from @bowsandarrowsflowers __ Photo @heatherhawkins | Production @sapphireevents | Paper suite @signoraemare __

        A photo posted by Geraldine Magazine (@geraldinemagazine) on


        Benjamin Haisch is one of my favorite follows on both Instagram and Snapchat. The dude does a fantastic job balancing images that tell stories, art that allows you to take a step back (with fantastic use of shadows) and a normal life.

        Ben Sasso makes emotion filled portraits. So many portrait photographers I’ve seen fall more on the “model” side of portraiture. That is really great, if that’s your thing, but I work in a world that I need people to be themselves. I’m so impressed with his ability to make people look great (including stunning eyes), but they still show the person as they are.


        Scott English is a photographer I met a few years back when he photographed a good buddy’s wedding. He is based out of Phoenix and lately his portraits have been as the kids say “on fleek” (don’t quote me on that). Seriously, I love the motion, moment and the way he captures light in this image. It inspires curiosity, joy and the perspective pulls the photo reader into the frame. Well done man! He is also a pretty good fisherman, so give him a follow.

        @shaebrockmusic makin it look easy.

        A photo posted by Scott English (@scottenglish) on

        So, these are a few examples for now. Follow along with tomorrow’s wedding over on Snapchat to see direct BTS action (add friends by username: jtobiason).

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