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        Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’ve had a good and productive week. Between getting hooked on How to Make a Murderer, I’ve been busy looking forward to summer 2016 weddings and other work.  I’m really excited for what this season has in store. But, there are a few other things inspiring me this week that I wanted to share.

        The first is this epic photo by Patrick Marson. Seriously, the light and expansiveness is incredible. It certainly makes me want to head off to the mountains.

        Glenorchy and the Humboldt Mountains of Otago, New by Patrick Marson Ong on 500px.com

        The Tobiason household has been trying to eat more healthy. Soooooo, I’m inspired by beautiful doughnuts.

        Happy meal by rasica on 500px.com

        Moving with the reindeer in the winter. © Jan Helmer Olsen Karasjok from Jan Helmer Olsen on Vimeo.

        The scene that most interests me is to see the herd change directions and speed up, but to see that movement slide across like a wave. It’s amazing how prevalent the wave movement is in all life. It’s just incredible.

        Being in the Mountains makes me happy. I really suggest checking out this in depth post by Jonathan Griffith about making images in the mountains. Thank you for that really impressive set of thoughts.

        Sunrise hits the top of the Gervasutti Couloir on Mont Blanc Du Tacul. Chamonix

        A photo posted by Jonathan Griffith (@jongriffithphotography) on

        I do love me some ski videos. I love the mix of light and dark as well as fire and ice. It’s so simple, but creative. I love seeing the color billow out of the powder plumes.

        I am really interested in this company called People Tree. We live in a world that is full of sustainable and Fair Trade products, but when it comes to clothing, it’s generally ugly and unfashionable. I’m really excited to see someone doing cool stuff sustainable.

        Last, I know this photo is a photo of myself.  That isn’t exactly what I would usually call inspirational, but rather it’s the t-shirt company I’m wearing. They’re called The Moti Co and are based out of Southern California. I’m an ambasador for the company and it’s been really awesome to see a little bit of the inside workings. Also, they’re rad and REALLY COMFORTABLE clothes. Go check them out.

        Moti Supply Co. is more than just another hat or tee, it’s about how it makes you feel — motivated to explore, wander, and reach new heights in life. It’s not only about what you accomplish outdoors, but more about what you achieve in everyday life. It’s about going further than you’ve ever gone before to end up where you’ve never been before. If this speaks to you, then The Moti Supply Co. is for you. Join the community, where we Live Adventurously. We live like there is no box. That is #TheMotiWay! 💯💯💯 • • Sick capture by the one and only @jtobiason 📷 with the Hiker Tee in Austin, Texas 🚩 • • #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #austintx #pool #adventurer #adventuretime #explore #getoutstayout #getoutside #liveadventurously #lifeofadventure #exploreeverything #optoutside #exploring #adventures #apparel #hike #adventure #exploretexas #view #mountain #outdoorsman #ootd #outfit #hiking #backpacking #austin

        A photo posted by NEVER STOP E X P L O R I N G ! (@themotico) on

        That’s all my inspiration for this week. I hope you have awesome things planned for the weekends. What’s inspiring you?

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