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        Happy Friday everyone! We did made it through the week. Here is that list of my weekly inspiration. I would love to hear what has been inspiring you to make this list bigger and better.

        Gabe McClintock makes some of the most emotional portraits I’ve ever seen.

        This week, I became an ambassador for The Moti Co, a rad clothing company out of LA. Go check them out!

        Awesome tables like this. That’s why I’m working on my own

        Again, awesome shadows in food photography. I just want to finish my table and start making images.

        So in love with my new background from @kalklitir 😍👌🏼 Have a great Friday and weekend dear friends!

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        I totally agree about printing photos. We just added a few to our travel wall and our house has been full of pictures for couples all week. Holding pictures makes you love them so much more.

        My buddy Jason is in Vietnam, working for Heifer International. Follow his travels.

        Floating market in Can Tho #vietnam

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        In case you missed it, this week Instagram realized there was snow in the mountains. I probably contributed to that, but it’s pretty.

        Also, one of my photos was published over on Williams-Sonoma. Nice job Juliet + Lou for making this happen!

        As we get toward the end of this post, I just want to make a PSA. DON’T BUY CAMERAS THIS CHRISTMAS. People are going to ask me and their other photographer friends what to buy. Don’t buy a DSLR. Instead, go buy a plane ticket or some other adventure. Those memories are what will make you fall in love with photography. They are what will make you want to learn more, practice and then get to a point that you need a better camera. No one who is learning to drive goes out and buys a Ferarri. It’s too much car, it is scary, it’s expensive and you don’t really know how to use it. It’s better to learn to drive in an old beater, then step your way up to nicer and nicer cars. That way, you’re always using the one that’s designed for where you’re at. The same goes for cameras. I started with a 7 megapixel point and shoot camera. I loved that thing because I got to play with it, test things out, be creative and see what happened. I then bought a $25 film camera. You can still get filmed developed for $5. That is a LOT of film that you can go through for the price of a basic DLSR. That all to say, go do awesome things that you come home saying “these photos don’t give it justice, but I want to learn how to make photos that do.”

        Lastly, I’m still really hopeful for a good outcome from the COP21 meeting in Paris. Keep lobbying your leaders to come up with real, binding and honest changes that support the future.

        Thanks again everyone. See you next week!

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