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        Hey everyone! I’m sorry that I was unable to post a weekly inspiration last week (because I was hiking). It was a beautiful day, don’t you think:

        That said, I’m back and here are a few things that kept my creative juices flowing this week.  

        I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been to Iceland and therefore Google ads push more Iceland related things to me or if it is just blowing up (not literally).  But, there have been some really spectacular photos lately that bring me back to that magical country.  

        Stoksness by Russo Francesco on 500px.com
         I really love the use of shadows and dark in this image.  Really, I would love to put a human in the middle of that light and really drive interaction, but that’s just my style.

        Underground by Jon Trend on 500px.com

        I’ve been really impressed by Bethany Marie’s portraits lately.  The light is so good.

        Today’s vibes with @madmavenstyle // makeup by @jessicazbeauty

        A photo posted by Bethany Marie (@bethanymarieco) on

        Who wants to go hiking in Patagonia?

        PATAGONIA from Benjamin Aubray on Vimeo.

        Lastly, we come to the man who always grounds my work.  David duChemin is a photographer from Vancouver, BC who consistently makes images, talks about the process of making images and is just generally inspiring.  I love his video blog and thought this week’s piece was especially poignant.

        See you next week.

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