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Volunteer Park Engagement | Hannah & Trenton

Remember being warm? Wasn’t that nice? As I sit here in the dead of winter when the sun was so weak that it not only didn’t power our solar outdoor lights, but I couldn’t even turn off the ones indoors. Wouldn’t it be nice to be transported back to the warmth? Well, let Hannah and Trenton’s Volunteer park engagement photos take you back and hopefully warm your soul.

We met at Volunteer Park and wandered around outside the Volunteer Park Conservatory, enjoying the backdrop as the daylit and warmed us. I love laughing with couples who are in love but take a minute to find themselves in front of the camera. I don’t mean that as an insult to Hannah and Trenton at all. I mean that as a compliment because they didn’t let the fact that they aren’t professional models be a hindrance to the fact that they really like each other. They instead went out and just were the goofy and joyous humans that they are and quickly forgot that my camera was even there.

Seattle wedding photographer

couple dances under tree Seattle wedding photographer

couple kisses summer light Seattle wedding photographer

Seattle wedding photographer

Thank you again to Hannah and Trenton for a wonderful day in the park. I’m just smiling looking back on the joy you both exude and I can’t wait for your wedding this spring. It’s going to be such a fun day down in Pioneer Square.

Joe Tobiason | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Volunteer Park Engagement

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