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        You did it! You made it through the whole wedding day and now it’s time to go. Here are a few tips on sparkler exits (or other types if you can’t have fire) to make that sendoff go great! I’m going to start with a few general tips about celebratory exits and then have a few lighter-specific things for the end.

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        Exit while it’s still a party

        We know you want to enjoy every single moment at your wedding. Toward the end of one of my favorites, the groom let the bride know it was time to leave and she looked back saying “already? I don’t want this to end.” That is what we want everyone to feel. But, we also don’t want your big sparkler exit be just the wedding party. So, it’s a good idea to do your exit while there are still enough people around to make the exit feel epic. Just like you want to be fashionably late for a party, you can also exit fashionably early.

        In that, sometimes people want to do fake exits and then go back and party. That is a good idea because then it frees older people or folks with kids that they can go home. But, if you do this, have some incentive to bring people back to the dance floor. Coordinating with the DJ to throw down a hit or maybe have late night hamburgers ready will bring people back to keep dancing. You just want to make sure that people don’t accidentally think, “well, that was fun! Time to go home.”

        sparkler exits

        Enjoy every moment

        This isn’t the 100 M dash at the Olympics. Take your time walking down the tunnel of people. Smile, laugh, look at everyone’s smiling faces. This is your last moment of the day. Take it in! You should probably even stop 1/2 way through and give a cheer and a kiss. It’ll be awesome.

        As the photographer, I’d much rather you walk slowly because I’m walking backward in front of you. The slower you go, the slower I can walk. That means I’m less likely to back into a flaming death stick and also can make sure I can make the photos to remember this moment forever.

        sparkler exits

        Have enough lighters

        By this, I mean both the physical lighter and the person who is in charge of lighting. If you don’t have enough, people will pass the sparkler down the aisle like candles at Christmas Eve service and the people at the start will have gone out by the time it reaches the end. I’d suggest having 1 designated lighter per every 15 guests. So, if you have 90 people celebrating, you should have 6 people who have lighters, can spread out among the group and help get things lit.

        flower exit The Grand Willow Inn wedding

        Other ideas

        If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers (or there is a burn ban), here are a few ideas of things you could use to make your wander out the door awesome:

        Bubbles (best during the day)

        Glow sticks



        Cell phone flashlights



        Do you have any other advice for awesome exits? Put them in the comments below!

        Joe Tobiason | PNW Wedding Photographer


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