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        Every once in a while, we want to take a break from weddings and engagements. After a 2 year hiatus since the last time we hiked and were able to ski Mt St Helens, Tim, Tad and I headed up the volcano’s side. With a planned 3 am alarm, we were out the door and beat the over 1,000 people who celebrated Mothers Day on the mountain. We did forget to bring dresses and participate in this spring tradition, but vowed to be better in the future. The cascades are a beautiful place and are something we northwesterners really are blessed to enjoy.

        Moonligh portrait tent photo

        Mt St Helens Stars photo

        We slept in the parking lot and were on the trail by 4 am for the hike.

         Hiking Mt St Helens photo

        Morning hike photo

        Headlamp on the ridge photo

        Hiking Mt St Helens photo

        Hiking in twilight photo

        There is something magical about pre-dawn hikes. You only see the little bit of the world that is illuminated by your headlamp, but the stars shine bright above. As the daylight broke, we had passed the tree line and were able to gaze well into Oregon with first light.

        Mt St Helens sunrise ski tracks photo

        Hiking in twilight photo

        Mt St Helens sunrise colors photo

        Hiking Mt St Helens photo

        Skiing st helens photo

        Snow details photo

        eam hikes Mt St Helens photo

        We saw other teams, practicing their mountaineering skills as we pushed up the slope.

        hiking down photo

        Mt St Helens Sunrise photo

        Hiking Mt St Helens photo

        Mt St Helens hike photo

        Mt Adams photo

        At the summit of mt st helens photo

        Once reaching the summit, we took in the beautiful vista. From the crater edge, you can see Rainier, Adams and Hood. On a clear day, you can probably go even further, but this day had a blanket of clouds surrounding each peak. I really love that feeling because it makes you feel even more separated from the normal life below.

        Summit of mt st helens photo

        mt rainier photo

        Summit photo

        After a few minutes of shivvering in the wind, we decided to start our decent and do what we came to do, ski Mt St Helens.

        mt st helens and mt rainier photo

        fun on the mt st helens summit photo

        Mt st helens summit photo

        hiking out mt st helens photo

        This hike was again a huge success. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this mountain is. The passes are probably sold out for the summer, but put it on your hiking calendar.

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