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        I hope that this gives just a tiny glimpse into all that was Sara and Taylor’s Hidden Meadows Wedding. It was so personal, incredible heartfelt, just a few tears and so many smiles. I am so thankful for the opportunity to step in with their community and party along. I loved hearing about the ways that they both integrated into each other’s families, including the fantastic tandem younger sibling toasts signed by Taylor’s sister and Sarah’s brother. It was a truly fantastic day!

        Bridesmaids see bride for first time hidden meadows wedding

        bride and groom under veil hidden meadows wedding

        Yea, these two are pretty darn good looking and have some fantastically beautiful friends too!

        Wedding party at HIdden Meadows Wedding

        Joy was everywhere!!!!

        bride laughs with kids at wedding

        hidden meadows wedding

        And then they were married!

        first kiss hidden meadows wedding

        bride and groom walk down aisle hidden meadows wedding

        bride holds bouquet hidden meadows wedding

        We were able to catch just the right moment of sunset for these last few images. Just as we got in position, the sun broke from between the clouds and showered us with amazing light. Thanks to Jeff for interpreting and helping more than my awkward movements get translated.

        couple stands in the sunset hidden meadows wedding

        couple cuts cake hidden meadows wedding

        You know it’s a good party when all you college friends are there!

        Rochester Institute of Technogoly reunion photo at wedding

        couple kisses under glow sticks

        Thank you again to Sara and Taylor for putting together a great day. I also really appreciate the work by the team of Wild Spirit Events, second shooting by Caron Nicole Weddings, Peekaboo Photobooths, catering by The Wooden Spoon and so many helpful hands along the way!

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