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        How do you even begin to describe your favorite engagement shoot of the fall? Sarah and Taylor’s Washington Park Arboretum engagement photos were a joy to experience the light, love, joy and place that the PNW gives. These two are just so fun to be around, they make you laugh and have so much fun. They were both so graceful with my inability to sign more than just “thank you” and point. They also love each other so much. It was so apparent throughout the day how relaxed, joyful and happy each one makes the other.

        I can’t get enough of fall leaves……. and the goofiness that goes along with them.

        Seriously, these two just love each other a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

        I love photographing in the Washington Park Arboretum. It’s so full of beautiful trees, lines, colors and textures.

        We then headed down to the water’s edge. It was just awesome. I love the diversity of locations that this park offers. You can see so much in so little space.

        Thanks again to Sara and Taylor for a wonderful day. I can’t wait until their wedding this fall!

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        AMAZING! Love love love love those photos, I can’t wait for this amazing wedding & super excited to work with such a great photographer!

        YAAAAY! I’m so excited for their wedding this fall!

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