Pine Creek Nursery Wedding

When people talk about weddings, so often you talk about wedding flowers. It’s always a goal to bring that natural beauty into whatever space you’re getting married in. But, what if you just went to where the flowers were already? Well, this foolproof plan can be lived out at the Pine Creek Nursery. This wonderful space in Monroe capitalizes on the beauty that fills their property and helps you have a comfortable space to dance the night away. This is one of the best venues in the Seattle area.

Things that will make your photographer happy

Obviously, the best part of this place is the flowers. They’re everywhere and no matter the style of the photographer, they’re going to have places that jump out and are going to be perfect. Though the greenhouses are a little warm, they do provide some really muted light that will make portraits easy at any time of year. Then there are also the rows upon rows of flowers to get lost in.

As with most small businesses, along with the main flowers, there are lots of other little details around the space to incorporate into the wedding images. It is so easy to find just the right little trinkets to make a lay-flat of wedding rings stand out and be totally unique.

This seems like a silly thing to be excited about but the getting ready room is actually huge. So many wedding venues have these tiny rooms where everyone’s stuff kinda spills everywhere. It is really nice to have enough space to store all the bags of getting ready needs while still being able to keep an area clean to photograph dresses and final primping. That said, I still do have some tips on how to keep things organized and help make your memories look more tidy.

groom high fives after wedding ceremony pine creek nursery


There are 4 different ceremony locations outdoors. There is also 3 different indoor areas for ceremonies, buffets or cocktail hours. You’ll have all the parking you could ever need and plenty of bathrooms as well. Also, Pine Creek Nursery doesn’t have any rules about which vendors to use (though caterers need to be licenced, no potlucks). That said, they do have lists of folks they know will do a geat job. Also, it’s a pet-friendly venue. If you need anything else, their event coordinator can help you with all you need.

bride and groom in sunset at pine creek nursery wedding


What is the cost of a wedding at Pine Creek Nursery

The price for a peak Saturdays start at $4500, Friday/Sundays at $4000

What is the capacity of a wedding at Pine Creek Nursery

Indoor capacity is 150. Outdoor capacity is around 275, but there are four options for where to have the ceremony, so you can select an option that will best fit your needs.

groom and bride walk off into the sunset pine creek nursery wedding

Things you should know

Train Track

There is a BNSF train track off to the side of the venue property. So, be advised that it’s possible for one to come rumbling along during your ceremony or toasts. Because this is mostly freight trains that could come by, there isn’t a public schedule. So, if it gets too noisy, it might be a good idea to take a pause and then come back to the events.

Getting ready rooms

There is one main getting ready room. So, if both wedding parties are going to be getting dressed on the premise, one group will need to find a corner of the barn to change in. If possible, it would probably be best for a groom and groomsmen to arrive mostly dressed. It’s not a necessity, but it would be just a little easier.

bride dances on groomsmen's shoulders at pine creek nursery wedding

Seriously, this is a great venue. You’ll have a blast!

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