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        couple looks out over clouds sunset backpacking engagement

        I am probably going to write about this North Cascades sunset backpacking engagement shoot for the rest of my life. I’m not sorry about that. I still can’t believe the complexity that was in the clouds, the colors that reflected in the sunset, the beauty of the stars that rose above Mt Baker and obviously the joy of Ali and Joel.

        This afternoon will be forever split into two different parts in my mind. This photo comes from the first part. We had gotten up there and got settled in the fire lookout hut and then started making photos. At this point, the warmth in the clouds kept them high enough to waft in and out around the Winchester Mountain Lookout peak that we were on top of. With that, those little streaks of white shrouded the other peaks that surrounded us and kept us wondering what else was really out there. I really do like the simplicity of Ali and Joel’s pose in this photo as well. They like each other and they like enjoying the view together. There isn’t a whole lot more than that.

        See a little more from this shoot (including the video).

        Joe Tobiason | Washington Wedding Photographer | Sunset backpacking engagement


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