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        bride smiles holding bouquet trinity tree farm wedding

        It was a really cold Sunday morning. Like, really cold. But, it was a fun day to work with the awesome team at Juliet + Lou at the Trinity Tree Farm for a Christmas Tree farm wedding styled shoot. It was so fun to see their vision and passion as they prepared this shoot. The models we worked with were so perfect for the day. I loved their energy and the way that the bright colors of the sunrise came together. It created a mood that was bright, bold and brought you into the shoot.

        My favorite thing about this image is the way that the bride/model is holding her bouquet. There is something so soft in the way that her hands are keeping it up. It creates a tender feel for the entire image, which really increases the intimacy of the time. Also, she isn’t married, so just before we took this photo, we realized she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. So, we borrowed one of the J+L team’s diamonds and made the photo.

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