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        When Solomon said there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking his automobile.”
        -Bob Edwards

        I met Pat in his living room overlooking all of Ballard with his tiny fluffy dog (Scout) sitting on his lap. It was a beautiful afternoon of bright spring light cascading through the open windows. As a Seattle portrait photographer, it’s the kind of day that you dream of.


        Pat is known as the car guy. That isn’t to say that he is a gearhead, but rather that it is the frame for so much of his life. In high school, he knew everyone based on what car they drove. When someone would tell a story and name-dropped someone, he’d always need to know what they drove in order to know who they were talking about. So many of his stories are rooted in one car experience or another (including that one car was totaled on the night of the Lost finale and no friends would answer their phones to come to his aid).

        But Pat’s love for cars is less because of the machines but because he loves to learn, fix and build. They are the vehicle for him to exercise that area of his brain (pun intended). We joked as he walked through his full car history and the little stories that went along with them. The cars ranged from his first truck, to fast sports cars and an eventual love of convertible 4x4s.

        But the point of being a knowledgeable authority on anything doesn’t mean that all stay with you. Pat is not just the car guy to himself, but to everyone else. He is the one you go to when you need help with that repair. He is the one you text sounds your car is making because you don’t know what they mean. He is the one that you bring with you when you’re buying a used car to prevent you from spending too much or walking away from a good deal because it’s scary.


        Being in your 30s without kids is an interesting place to be. Pat feels that it does allow him to be a good liaison between the different sets of friends, but it’s also a period of life when he can really set the habits of life that will lead if they do eventually start a family. He says that in your 20s, you really spend time figuring out who you are as an adult, but this next generation is about taking those things and honing in on what really matters to you.

        With that, he has been thinking a lot about the legacy he wants to leave in life and work. There are so many people who spend their lives getting paid to work as a cog in a company, but that is not what he wants. That isn’t to say he wants to live out in the woods by himself (though in a post-apocalyptic world, I would want to have him and his prepared vehicle nearby), but that he wants to create systems that lead from a place of faith and purpose. He wants to be known as someone who makes sound decisions for what organizations he’s a part of but also as a decision maker who helps others lead better lives.

        Nerdy camera info:
        Camera: Mamiya RZ67
        Film: Expired Fujifilm NPS 100, Expired Ilford Delta 3200

        I picked these films for Pat because he is a classic and gritty guy. I think of him and his convertible 4x4s and it only made sense to use films that show that grain.

        I really want to thank Pat for this session. It was fun to sit down, hear more of his stories and get to know him better. I’m so blessed to have friends who are willing to open our for these sessions. If you’re interested in a 2Roll portrait session, just send me an email at joe@jtobiason.com.


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        So awesome, love these Joe! You should leave his contact info for our future auto purchases!!

        Haha. yes! We should kickstart his side hustle as a used car advisor. 😉

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