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        I am blessed to photograph many weddings, but little is as inspirational as celebrating my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary. They are still beautifully in love. I am absolutely dumbfounded by the precedent and the inspiration that they set for marriage in our family. I love walking into their house and seeing how they still care for each other.

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        Newspaper clipping from wedding

        Bop was always my technological inspiration. I definitely would not be the tech-nerd or probably even the photographer I am if I didn’t have access to all of his toys. I am so thankful for the years of spending summer nights with Nanny, eating ice cream and playing in their hot tub. Now, I really hope that Erika and I can continue to learn so much about how to care for the needs of the other from them. Whenever we come to visit, there is always an open door, cookies on the table and a Starbucks iced mocha in the fridge. Then, we get to hear their stores of life, travel and such more. They have lived through so much change in our world and their lives, but have together been the impetus for much as well. He has been the president of so many different organizations, boards and even the Puyallup School District Superintendent. With him always running around, Nan had to do the even more difficult work of trying to raise my father. Through all those years, they took their faith and love of people to heart in all the work that they do. The world is a better place because of them.

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        Cake cutting at anniversary

        Cutting the cake 65th anniversary

        So, fittingly on National Grandparent’s Day, our family got together to celebrate these lovebirds. Though we are far from providing our own additions to the youngest generation, it was really special to have 4 generations together and to celebrate how we have all been impacted, challenged, and have grown by our live with Nan and Bop. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank them for being in my life.

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        grandparents cut cake on anniversary

        grandma cuts cake

        grandma cuts anniversary cake black and white

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        65th wedding anniversary photo

        11 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        65th wedding anniversary photo

        13 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        14 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        65th wedding anniversary photo

        17 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        18 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        65th wedding anniversary photo

        20 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        I really find this image special because my grandpa has never taken off his wedding ring. I can’t go 10 minutes without playing with mine and figure it’s just a matter of time until it disappears. It just stands as a great testament to the man he is and his devotion to my grandma. I just am impressed every time I hear that story. Apparently, a few doctors have tried to take it off at various times, but when he tells the story, they’re always able to make an exception. It’s quite a streak that he has no plans on breaking.

         65th wedding anniversary photo

        22 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        23 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        25 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        26 - 65th wedding anniversary photo

        Thank you again Nan and Bop for being inspirational people of life, faith, family and so much more. I am blessed to learn from the best.

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