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        Michelle and Nick were so excited for the DeLille Cellars Wedding. They had been looking forward to this celebration (that they would then share forever with her mom’s birthday). The day came together in a beautiful way, surrounded by tall trees, flying ducks and the beauty of lat summer her in the Pacific Northwest. It was beautiful to see the way that they are diving into this life and love. For these adventurous and outdoorsy people, it was perfectly them!


        During the engagement shoot, for some reason, we started joking that Michelle had the best “scrunchy face.” I don’t know where that came from, but that pure joy is just so beautiful to see!


        This wedding party was a joy to work with. Everyone kept me laughing all afternoon! I could take a recording of their jokes with me all the time, in case I was ever not in a good mood.

        And then they were married! The day came together and it all worked out. I loved watching their first kiss and then seeing them be pelted with lavender when walking back down the aisle!



        As the night started to fall, we got to hear from their friends and family as they roasted/toasted Michelle and Nick. It’s always a wonderful look into the way that families are kit together forever.

        Huge thanks to everyone who made this day wonderful and beautiful, including the team at Juliet + Lou for coordination, videography by Sid and Allie, fantastic catering and planning by Platinum Events and everyone at DeLille Cellars!. I loved this day and can’t wait to share more soon!

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        A huge shout out to A Platinum Events, who cooked and served a fabulous array of foods! There service was impeccable.

        Most definitely! They do FANTASTIC work!

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