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        I was oh so excited for Meredith and Terence’s engagement shoot. The sun was out and it was warm when I pulled the car out of my driveway. But, as I headed West, a thick Seattle fog started to envelop my car. This is when my excitement changed and I just got giddy. The wonderful mood that fog creates is so fun to photograph. It enables you to really focus on the emotion of a couple and their experience as the cloud shrouds the world around. Meredith and Terence made their foggy Discovery Park engagement even more fun as their life and laughter made the morning even more fun. These two are truly in love, fun to be around and just truly happy.

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-1

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-2

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-3

        Look at this awesome mood. I love fog and how it narrows your focus into just what you want to celebrate, which is this awesome couple.

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-4

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-5

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-6

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-7

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-8

        Warning, cuteness overload below:

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-9

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-10

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-11

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-12

        I love Discovery Park because there is so much to see, photograph and it’s different every time you visit.

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-13

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-14

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-15

        Foggy Discovery Park Engagement-16

        Thank you again to Meredith and Terence for being awesome! I can’t wait for your wedding next month!

        JTobiason Photography | Foggy Discovery Park Engagement | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Joe@JTobiason.com

        How awesome you did that for Terence ahd Meredith!! I am Terernce mom! How much are the pictures? We will see you at the wedding!

        Hey Sherry! Thanks for the compliment! You have a great son and almost daughter. As for the pictures, just talk to the couple. They have the files and you can make prints from those. See you soon!

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