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        One of my favorite things about wedding days is getting to see how families transform a space for the celebration. I absolutely loved photographing at Tiffany’s childhood home. It is a beautiful setting of green grass surrounded by pasture (that once was full do dairy cows). But for the wedding, it was beautifully transformed into a space that was intimate, beautiful and truly fun space to celebrate Maxs and Tiffany’s day. Once the space was ready, the filled it with so many fun, happy and wonderful people. It was a day of joy for everyone!

        Sunset Farm Wedding-1

        Sunset Farm Wedding-2

        Congratulations Maxs and Tiffany!

        Sunset Farm Wedding-3

        Sunset Farm Wedding-4

        Sunset Farm Wedding-5

        Oh yea, and they had their dog too. He was a lovable little guy who made everyone fall in love with him.

        Sunset Farm Wedding-6

        Sunset Farm Wedding-7

        Sunset Farm Wedding-8

        I really would love to do all wedding sessions in a field with golden light. This sunset farm wedding was one for the record books!

        Sunset Farm Wedding-9

        Sunset Farm Wedding-10

        Thank you again to Maxs and Tiffany for inviting Erika and me into the day. It was one we won’t soon forget and I can’t wait to share more images from the day!

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