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        8.18.18, a palindrome date that only lines up on weekends every few years. Throw in that 8 is a lucky number in Chinese and that makes this the most popular wedding day of the summer. With all that, I have been looking forward to Max and Paige’s Seattle backyard wedding since we first met at a coffee shop in Brooklyn last fall. It was complete serendipity that we were able to meet on the other side of the country and that they were getting married just a few blocks from my home here in Seattle.

        To be a part of this day was so much more than the luck of proximity, but a chance to see two of the nicest, most caring and sweetest people I’ve gotten to work with as they take the next step. It was really special to be a part of this celebration that took place in the same backyard that her parents were married years ago. I loved seeing the people how had traveled from their home in New York to help make this day so special. It was incredible to see the handiwork of David the designer who created a dress that so perfectly allowed Paige’s radiance to shine through while letting her dancer still shine through. Max was a fine gentleman, commemorating even the date under the collar of his jacket.

        But, for me, the highlight of the evening was getting to hop in some boats and paddle out on the lake to make portraits. For a boy from Gig Harbor who was taught to row just after he could walk, it was the perfect place to help a couple make images that will forever commemorate the night and immortalize the haze-orange sunset.

        Bride and groom kiss Seattle backyard wedding

        bride dances in the sunset Seattle backyard wedding

        bride and groom dance in the sunset Seattle backyard wedding

        The photo on the left below is a recreation of a photo that Paige’s parents took on their wedding day. We were so happy that the un-invited guests (aka ducks) were happy to play along.

        Seattle backyard wedding

        bride and groom in canoe Seattle backyard wedding

        bride and groom paddle canoe Seattle backyard wedding

        Bride and groom paddle canoe Seattle backyard wedding

        Thank you again to Max and Paige for letting me be a part of their spectacular wedding. It was more than I can even begin to describe. I can’t wait to share more photos. Also, huge props to the teams with Pacific Engagements coordination, catering by Table Catering, music by The Apollo Trio and the many helping hands who made the day a flying success.

        Joe Tobiason | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Seattle Backyard Wedding

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