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        Leah and Owen’s Edmonds wedding was bright and beautiful. From Leah’s dress that flowed around her with each step, to the mind blowing sunset that appeared over the Olympic Mountains, it was a day full of life and light. They celebrated their day at a family home, overlooking the Puget Sound and the Edmonds ferry. They did a fantastic job pulling together all of the details from the day to make it memorable for everyone, from gold crusted doughnuts, to a personal Snapchat filter on through the arrival of Dicks hamburgers for some late night snacking. One piece of the day that really stood out to me was the white butterflies they sprinkled around the venue as a beautiful tribute to Leah’s mother. This was a day that no one will soon forget and will always have a smile on their faces.



        Edmonds Wedding-3

        Also, this was one heck of a wedding party. These goofs kept everyone laughing throughout the whole day!

        Edmonds Wedding-4


        I just have no words. This was a special day!

        Edmonds Wedding-6

        Edmonds Wedding-7

        Edmonds Wedding-8

        Edmonds Wedding-9

        Edmonds Wedding-10

        Edmonds Wedding-11

        Thank you again Leah and Owen for a fantastic celebration! You two are wonderful!

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