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        Outdoors and hiking engagements are becoming more popular here in the Northwest, but when the couple is as adventurous as Kevin and Mandie, that didn’t seem like that was enough. So, we woke up before dawn for a backcountry skiing engagement shoot at Snoqualmie Pass. It was a glorious day.

        We piled into the car before the dawn and I cuddled up in the back seat with Tonsai, the dog.

        When we arrived at the pass, we put skins on the bottom of our skis, enabling us to climb the snow.

        Seriously, it was a perfect day to be in the mountains. It wasn’t too cold, wasn’t too windy, wasn’t too bright, just fun. Oh yea, and there was a LOT of new snow.

        On the way up, we hoped to get a nice family photo of all three of them together, but gravity didn’t want to play along.

        I have posed hundreds of couples over the years, but figuring out how to do that with skis inhibiting movement was a new challenge.

        Yea, it was a pretty morning.

        We even got a few sunbreaks on the way up.

        But, we couldn’t stay on the mountain top forever and the way down is the real point, right. It was definitely an interesting challenge to constantly have to climb ahead of these two (both are wilderness firefighters and marathon runners) so that I could be ready to photograph their faces as they climbed by. I was kinda sweaty, but that ride down through a foot of fresh powder was something pretty special.


        When we got down to the car, it was time to make a few more traditional engagement photos too, which is easy because they’re just so happy.

        Thanks again to Kevin and Mandie (and Tonsai) for the awesome day! I can’t wait for their day this summer. Also, check out the snapchat story from that adventure:

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