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        Few couples are full of such pure emotion as Kati and Matthew. Every time they saw something or someone for the first time, they both would release gasps of pure unadulterated joy. Seriously, I’ve never seen people who enjoyed every minute and every detail as much as these two. Everyone at the Hollywood Schoolhouse wedding had a smile on their face all day long.

        1 - Groom looks at camera Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding photo

        2 - Bride surprises groom for first look photo

        We started with a first look just down the street at the Chateau St Michelle. It was fun to get away, wander around the vines and watch as these two goofy humans ran around the grounds together.

        3 - Bride and groom walk through vineyard Chateau St Michelle Wedding photo

        4 - Bride and groom kiss Chateau St Michelle Wedding photo

        5 - Bride and groom stand in vineyard Hollywood Schoolhouse WEdding photo

        6 - Bride and groom stand by pond Hollywood Schoolhouse WEdding photo

        7 - Bride and groom stand under tree Hollywood Schoolhouse WEdding photo

        It was then time to head back for the ceremony. It was a day full of stories, joys and dancing that went long into the night.

        8 - Wedding party Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding photo

        9 - First Kiss Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding photo

        Thank you again to Kati and Matthew for bringing Erika and me into the celebration. We are still smiling with you.

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        Thank you I’m a amazed to see some pictures so quickly. I haven’t even forgotten how great it was yet.

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